Google introduces new features in its web browser, now tabs will load up to 10%faster


Google Chrome has started rolling out new features which is mainly aimed at improving the performance of tabs in the web browser making its newer tab groups easier and quicker to use while making the browsing experience faster. The change promises 10% faster page loads along with other improvements such as adding tab previews, showing a thumbnail of the website in the tab as well as allowing the users to collapse unwanted tabs and focus on the ones which are accessed at a time, according to a new blog post by Chrome.

“When you’re checking off one task after another from your to-do list, waiting even a few seconds while your tabs load can slow you down, wrote Alex Ainslie of Google.

Tab groups introduced in May this year which allows users to keep a tab on their overwhelming number of tabs by labelling them with a name and colour, initially in beta version will now be available to all users.

Other new features such as a new touchscreen interface for tabs designed for laptops in tablet mode, ability to fill out and save PDF forms directly from Chrome with the function to reopen the files and pick up where you left off, and easier sharing function in Android by simplified URLs and generation of QR code to scan or download have also been introduced. In addition, the Android version of Chrome also provides users with a suggestion to switch tabs once you start typing in the URL bar if that tab is already opened.

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