Apple Developer Program access no longer requires a $99 subscription

Apple has made its Developer Program access free, eliminating the $99 subscription fee, allowing anyone to download and test the latest developer betas and access essential resources.

In a surprising move, Apple has made a significant change to its Developer Program by eliminating the $99 yearly subscription fee. This means that anyone can now sign up and download the latest versions of Apple software, including developer betas, without having to pay a cent.

Previously, developers had to shell out $99 per year to gain access to the Developer Program and test out the latest betas of iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and watchOS. However, with this recent development, individuals can simply sign up for the Apple Developer Program using their Apple ID and enjoy free access to these beta versions.


By joining the Developer Program, users will have the opportunity to enroll and download developer betas without having to wait for the public beta releases. This grants them early access to the latest software updates and features, allowing them to explore and test the functionalities firsthand.

Moreover, the new free tier of the Developer Program offers additional benefits beyond beta access. Members will gain access to essential resources such as the Xcode developer tools, enabling them to develop and enhance their own applications. Additionally, they will have the opportunity for on-device testing and beta releases, which facilitates thorough evaluation and optimization of their software.

Furthermore, participants in the Apple Developer Program will have access to the Apple Developer Forums, providing a platform for networking and collaboration with fellow developers. The Feedback Assistant feature will also be available, allowing users to report bugs and provide valuable feedback to Apple.

It’s important to note that while the free tier of the Developer Program offers these significant perks, paid developer accounts still come with a range of additional benefits and support from Apple. This includes app distribution on the App Store, providing a platform for developers to showcase and monetize their creations.

This decision by Apple to remove the subscription fee for Developer Program access reflects the company’s commitment to fostering a more inclusive and accessible developer community. By opening up these opportunities to a wider audience, Apple aims to encourage innovation and empower developers to create exceptional experiences for Apple users.

It will be interesting to see how this change impacts the developer ecosystem and the overall development landscape for Apple platforms. With more individuals gaining access to the latest software and resources, we can expect a surge of creativity and experimentation in the world of Apple app development.

Please note that the information in this article is based on the latest reports and updates from Apple.