10 Modern ways to improve your online presence

There are dozens of ways to improve your online presence – we look through some of the best below.

  1. Create An Optimized Mobile-Friendly Website

In order to increase your online visibility, your company should have a fully optimized mobile-friendly website. It should load quickly with a simple click and offer a responsive design that anticipates a consumer’s next move. The layout, design, and graphics should feel fresh and modern while also drawing direct inspiration from your company. Make sure everything seamlessly blends into the web design while also making sense for the industry you work in.

A great website knows what consumers want and will address these pain points. Of course, you can opt to do it all yourself by employing a content management system or by hiring a professional web design service.

  1. Build An Email Marketing List

The best way to help your company get the boost it needs is by building an email list you can employ in numerous ways. The email addresses you collect are the key to nurturing leads from your website and actively engaging with your customers.

What if your website isn’t ready yet? Reserve different pages by placing a ‘coming soon’ text prominently and prompting visitors to leave their email addresses for future updates. Other ways you can encourage people to share their email addresses is by restricting certain content unless they sign up or by offering a free exciting newsletter. Most importantly, use call-to-action statements to get more readers interested.

  1. Focus On Your SEO Strategy 

SEO or search engine optimization not only improves your website’s search engine rankings, but it can help raise awareness of your brand. Whenever potential consumers search for products or services, they use keywords to describe what they’re looking for. However, without proper SEO tactics, consumers won’t have an easy time locating your website.

Businesses need to use on-site and off-site SEO tactics in order to rank well.

On-site SEO deals with employing the use of different tactics on your website that will make it more desirable and liked by search engines. Ideally, these tactics will train search engines to see the value behind your content and how it could benefit consumers from visiting. For proper on-site SEO, it is important to create fast-loading and responsive pages while ensuring that the HTML coding source is properly formed.

Off-site SEO tactics require you to handle the things that improve a search engine’s perception of your website. To optimize off-site rankings, it’s vital to focus on building the relevance, trustworthiness, and popularity of your pages. To accomplish this, you will need to get other authoritative websites in your industry to link to your pages as it shows consistency and quality in your web content.

  1. Create Content That Engages And Entertains

Boosting your digital presence requires you to create content that not only is infused with your personality, but offers engaging and entertaining information. This material is seen as valuable for visitors and will help raise awareness of your brand.

The best content creation strategy is to identify the pain points or problems that need solving for your target audience. Your content will then attempt to offer a resolution to these problems through the use of articles, videos, guest posts or podcasts.

  1. Build A Solid Social Presence

Social media alone has 3.2 billion worldwide users, and that means your company is missing out if you’re not investing enough effort into your social media presence. Having a solid social presence not only hones trust in your company, but allows you to interact with consumers and make your brand feel more human. Do a survey to identify the social media platforms most used by your target audience and start working on profiles for your company on those platforms.

  1. Keep Updating Your Content

It’s important to remain active and to constantly create new content for your website as well as social media pages. Make it a point to regularly answer comments and concerns as well as interact with subscribers at regular intervals. If you’re not a sociable person, consider hiring a company such as LocalBizGuru to handle all of your online interactions.

  1. Build Your Network

Sometimes, you can increase your online presence by networking and connecting with other businesses in your industry. You can help each other by sharing information, honing hobbies or educating one another.

You can also network with people that may prove useful to your business such as a famous podcaster or a relevant blogger. When you build a relationship with knowledgeable people in your industry, they can help you by marketing your company and allowing you to make an appearance in their content.

  1. Branch Out To New Social Platforms

Try embracing new technologies and social media platforms as soon as you hear about them. Adopting new technology before it has a widespread following allows you to get there before the competition. Additionally, new social media platforms have a better engagement rate from users.

  1. Get Listed In Web Directories

Web directories can significantly help improve your organic search rankings, and they’re especially important for improving your business exposure locally. Only place your business in directories that actually offer added value such as Yelp, Bing Places, Apple Maps, and Google My Places. Most importantly, these directories also display reviews of your business as well as your contact information. By registering your company in directories, you can get a leg up on your competition!

  1. Use Digital Marketing

Quality digital marketing efforts are a crucial part of ensuring the longevity of your business. By using paid search engine marketing and similar campaigns, you can not only drive traffic to your website, but increase brand awareness and improve visibility.

Search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo! can mean significant exposure for your company. In addition, marketing on popular social media platforms such as Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram can help you gain a widespread following.

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