Honor’s AI Era Revolution: Open collaboration and Tech giant Partnerships

Honor is revolutionizing the AI era with its “Embracing the Future with Open Collaboration” approach, partnering with tech giants to create an open ecosystem and deliver unparalleled experiences for consumers.

In a announcement at the 2024 Global Conference in Barcelona, Spain, Honor unveiled its ambitious vision for the AI era with a focus on openness and collaboration. Under the theme “Embracing the Future with Open Collaboration,” Honor outlined its strategy to revolutionize AI technology and create an open ecosystem that delivers unparalleled experiences for consumers.

Central to this strategy is Honor’s all-scene approach to AI, which aims to accelerate the realization of AI-enabled interconnection and interoperability across all aspects of daily life. At the core of this approach is a commitment to human-centered interaction, ensuring that AI technology enhances and enriches the lives of users.


Key to Honor’s strategy is its partnership with tech giants including Microsoft, Google, Intel, NVIDIA, and Qualcomm. This collaboration has resulted in significant advancements, including a 25% reduction in power consumption, a 500% increase in network speed, and the achievement of 8-way business concurrency. Users can now seamlessly share networks, screens, keyboards and mice, cameras, windows, files, calls, and notifications across devices and platforms.

One of the most exciting developments is the introduction of Honor MagicOS 8.0, which brings an innovative function driven by platform-level AI. This enables intelligent prediction of user interaction intent across applications, delivering a personalized, humanized, and privacy-protected experience unlike any other.

With this bold strategy and groundbreaking partnerships, Honor is poised to lead the charge into a new era of AI-driven innovation. By empowering users with seamless connectivity and personalized experiences, Honor is setting new standards for the future of technology.