Google releases compliance report for September

The stated figure is down 17 percent from August when Google took down 93,550 contents.

Between September 1 and September 30, Google India deleted 76,967 content pieces. The claimed figure is around 17% lower than the previous 93,550 content items removed by Google in August. Google India filtered out 95,680 user content pieces between July 1 and July 30, 2021, compared to 83,613 material pieces removed in June.

According to Google, the number of items/content pieces removed or limited as a result of a certain complaint is represented by the ‘removal actions’ number.


According to the US tech giant’s recent compliance report, 76,967 material pieces were removed in conformity with Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code Rules. Approximately 99.3% of content pieces were for copyright infringement, 0.6 percent for trademark infringement, and the rest were for explicit sexual content, court orders, counterfeit, or defamation.

Google India stated that content is removed once it has been evaluated against Google’s community guidelines, content policies, and/or legal policies.
The corporation may take removal action as a result of this review. Based on its automated detection technologies, the search engine behemoth has also taken down 450,246 pieces of information. The figure is nearly 31% lower than what the tech giant withdrew in August. As a result of automatic detection, Google took action against 651,933.

Google India got 29,842 complaints from its consumers in September. Copyright infringement accounts for approximately 28,676 of the total complaints received i.e. 96.1 percent. Other legal issues accounted for around 401 complaints, while trademark infringement accounted for 305, and defamation accounted for 304.

The company also reported that around 26 complaints were based on graphic sexual content and 78 were related to counterfeit.