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What are Crash games? Here is a guide for beginners

Crash games have become a very big and important part of the online casino industry. Here is a guide for beginners who do not know what Crash games are. 

The online casino industry is quite creative and often comes up with fresh ideas to keep gamers entertained either through promos or brand-new, thrilling online casino games. Crash Games is one of the more recent games that have attracted the interest of several players in crypto casinos.

In this article, we examine Crash Games—what they are, how they operate and more. This article is for you if you’re new to Crash Games or Bitcoin casinos. Learn the fundamentals of these well-known crypto casino games as you continue reading to learn everything there is to know about online crash games.

What are Crash games?

Modern online casino games called Crash Games were made especially for fans of crypto currencies. The game closely resembles trading markets in many respects. You will notice a line that crosses a graph in this game, along with a multiplier indicator.

At the beginning of each new round, you will have a little window of time to place your wager. The game will then begin and the multiplier will increase.

You have the choice to cash out at any time while the multiplier is increasing. To cash out before the multiplier crashes in this game of chance is the goal.

You will receive your win if it exceeds your multiplier. The game is over if it crashes before you’ve used up your multiplier. You can leave at any time because the rounds are so brief. To prevent losing, the goal is to leave before it hits a crashing point. If you want to explore similar games online, then you must Visit 10CRIC.

Are Crash games free to play?

Before you start playing for real money, you may be able to try out a demo version of the game at some of the best crypto casinos. Before playing for real money, it is strongly advised to try the game in free-play mode if a demo version is offered.

It is better to skip a few games and simply observe other players in crypto casinos without a free play option. This will give you a clear idea of how the game and the crash operate.

Crash games: Features

You shouldn’t anticipate insane features like free spins or wilds to enhance your gaming because crash games, which are offered at crypto casinos, are not like slot games. There are two traits, nevertheless, that are present in many Crash Games. These are the Provably Fair technology and the opportunity to end the game round early.

  • Most Bitcoin games use Provably Fair technology as a minimum requirement. Only cryptocurrency games offer this. In essence, it indicates that you will have the choice to confirm whether a game round was fair and random. A new server seed will be generated for the game every couple of rounds and you will receive a client seed/hash that you can use to check the fairness of the game outcome on the blockchain.
  • The ability to quit a game round early is also a nice feature, especially if you choose to bet on a bigger multiplier since you are a high-risk player. The multiplier line must be closely monitored in order for you to decide whether to pay out before the multiplier falls. This enables you to win even if the number you’ve bet on is not reached. Obviously, this is dangerous because you’ll have to stop before it collapses and you lose everything.
  • The fact that Crash Games is 100 per cent anonymous is another fantastic feature. Your name and email are not required. To access your account and participate in Crash Games at a reputable crypto casino, you only need to create a username.

Strategies to increase profit on Crash games

Although Crash is a game of chance, using a plan will help you save unneeded losses. There are many different tactics you can use to increase your winnings. This contains the Martingale system, Auto Cash-out and Bonuses Strategy.

  • Martingale system: A well-liked betting strategy that is frequently applied in various betting games is the Martingale. Numerous crash gamers are spotted using it today. Even if the numbers could change, the rules never change. The idea is to up your wager the following round if you lose one game round. In addition, you should return your winnings to your original stake if you win.
  • Auto cash-out: One of the simplest methods to use for making money from crash gambling is this one. To employ this approach, select an automatic cash-out multiplier, such as 1.5x and then continuously collect your rewards at that figure. Any cash-out multiplier is acceptable; the key is to maintain your chosen number.
  • Bonuses: Being the last player standing before the game is over is the goal with this tactic. You have to be the last player to withdraw money from the game before it shuts down. You will get a bonus if you succeed in doing this. When no one receives this reward, the game immediately advances to the following round.

Tips to play Crash games

  • Pay attention to other players’ victories and defeats.
  • Have a plan in place for recuperation. A common recovery technique used by professional crash players is to triple the loss and strive for a wager of roughly 1.33 before cashing out.
  • When you notice that other players have already cashed out, stay away from the huge numbers.
  • Maintain your patience and resist giving up.
  • Never fail to bank your bonus.
  • Playing with the least amount of danger is an excellent strategy to play Crash.
  • Keep a keen eye out for the instant loss.


In conclusion, Crash Games have emerged as a captivating addition to the world of online crypto casinos, catering to enthusiasts of crypto currency and risk-takers alike. These games, resembling trading markets in many aspects, offer a unique blend of excitement and strategy. With the goal of cashing out before the multiplier crashes, players are constantly on their toes, making every round a thrilling experience.

While Crash Games may not boast the typical features found in slot games, such as free spins or wilds, they do introduce Provably Fair technology, providing transparency and fairness to the gaming process. Additionally, the option to end a game round early adds an element of control for those who prefer higher-risk game play.

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