Ultros update 1.03 enhances player experience across all platforms

Ultros Update 1.03 improves exploration, resource management, and technical aspects across all platforms for a more enjoyable gaming experience.

A recent update, version 1.03, has arrived to provide a multitude of enhancements, bug fixes, and improvements across all platforms, including PC and various consoles. This update aims to streamline gameplay, address technical issues, and ultimately elevate the overall gaming experience.

One of the key highlights of Update 1.03 is the focus on improving exploration and resource management within Infinity Lake. Players will now encounter a greater abundance of charge shrooms scattered throughout the area, offering them ample opportunities to replenish their Thruster power and navigate the environment with greater ease. Additionally, an extra planting patch has been implemented, allowing players to cultivate a wider variety of crops and expand their agricultural capabilities.


The update also addresses several technical shortcomings. A previously observed visual anomaly with Augeas wall moss, where it would inexplicably grow suspended in mid-air, has been rectified. The moss now adheres to its intended behavior, only sprouting from the ground as expected. Furthermore, the branch simulation has been optimized to function exclusively within the player’s immediate vicinity. This optimization not only enhances visual fidelity but also streamlines resource allocation, leading to a smoother and more efficient gameplay experience.

Beyond visual and technical improvements, Update 1.03 incorporates adjustments to enhance audio quality and resource management. Persistent audio glitches have been eradicated, ensuring an uninterrupted and immersive auditory experience. Additionally, the limit on restoring soil energy by digging up seeds has been eliminated, granting players greater flexibility in managing their resources and progressing through the game.

For players utilizing the Thruster extractor, Update 1.03 introduces a series of refinements designed to elevate the flying experience. These tweaks offer smoother operation and improved maneuverability, enabling players to traverse the game world with greater control and precision. Additionally, the update addresses an issue related to the “feast of harvest” achievement, ensuring accurate progress tracking and a more rewarding gameplay loop.

PC players specifically benefit from a range of optimizations within Update 1.03. Various bug fixes have been implemented, addressing technical shortcomings and enhancing overall performance. Notably, a new 4K resolution option has been introduced, catering to players equipped with powerful PCs who desire an experience brimming with visual splendor. It is important to note, however, that this option might necessitate a more robust system due to its increased resource demands.

The update further refines the level design within Infinity Lake, offering players additional tools and pathways to navigate the environment. This includes the strategic placement of new planting patches and charge mushrooms, aiming to alleviate any potential navigational hurdles encountered by players in the past. Additionally, a crash that could occur when cultivating Augeas plants has been addressed, ensuring a seamless gameplay experience.

Finally, Update 1.03 incorporates improvements to achievement tracking and audio functionality. Several achievements, including “The pound of flesh which I demand” and “The feast of harvest,” have been refined to accurately reflect player progress and reward dedication. Additionally, persistent music and audio bugs have been resolved, eliminating disruptions and fostering a more immersive gameplay environment.

In conclusion, Ultros Update 1.03 delivers a comprehensive package of enhancements, bug fixes, and optimizations, aiming to elevate the overall gameplay experience for players across all platforms. From improved resource management and smoother flight mechanics to refined level design and enhanced audio quality, this update demonstrates the developer’s commitment to continuous improvement and player satisfaction.