The merging of video games and online slots


You’d class both video games and online slots as games. But, in reality, the two are very different. Or are they? The lines between the two have undoubtedly become increasingly blurred as time has passed. And, you could suggest that there has been influence from both sides on each other.

It’s fair to say that when video games and online slots started out, they were both incredibly basic. And that’s what you’re going to expect. But, you could suggest it’s a crucial point to note here, as video games have been around decades longer than online versions of slots, so they’re much further down the path of development and evolution. Slot machines are, in many respects, playing catch up. But the ground they’re making up, and doing so quickly, is due to the influence of video games and the merging of the two forms of content.

Video games have evolved in a way over time where they have become more complex, which has made them more immersive and enjoyable. So, as months and years passed, what players could load up and entertain themselves with progressively moved away from basic into the highly-detailed titles that are playable today. And, if you look over at the slot game world, it’s following a similar path, albeit at a quicker pace. A prime example is a move from the more traditional formats to Megaways slot versions, a more advanced way of the game working based on introducing at least one new mechanic.

So, on the gameplay front and the complexity, you could say that slots have come a long way in a short space of time, which is mainly because there are a lot of comparisons that happen with video games. Of course, it’s not likely that slots could ever catch up or overtake video games, but you’d say they’re now on a similar level to older console titles and games you’d expect to see on handheld gaming devices and mobile.

But, one area where you could suggest, at times, there is a degree of parity where visuals are concerned. Some slots look fantastic from a graphical standpoint, which is one reason they’ve become so popular with players over the years. In an age where how something looks is crucial, slot developers such as NetEnt and Yggdrasil, renowned for their visually impressive work, have certainly taken inspiration from the video game world.

However, it’s not all a one-way street in terms of the influence all coming from the video game side of the equation. Slots and the gambling element within them have certainly had an impact going the other way too. For example, we often see gambling occur in video games, such as in FIFA Ultimate Team, where players buy packs. Or in CS:GO, where players can purchase skins. It’s two elements of gaming working together for the greater good and pushing each other to new heights.

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