The Indian Gaming industry is on the rise


Participation in online gaming has changed during the coronavirus pandemic. The pandemic of COVID-19 led to restrictions and closures of the companies. This changed the Indian gaming industry. More and more residents of India have started gaming online, as they have spent most of their time at home. This industry is one of the leaders in the world and is estimated at 30-percent. But that’s not all, the development of this industry is not over. The Indian Gaming industry is on the rise and there is no indication that it will stop expanding.

Rise of the Indian Gaming industry

One of the fastest-growing industries in India is gaming. During the period 2019/20, this market grew by as much as 40%. In this period, they earned $ 1.5 billion in net income. By 2025, it is expected by experts from to exceed the earnings of 5 billion US dollars. Also, this industry has 300 million people in its user base which means it has overtaken even the US in this regard.

The High Court of Karnataka 2021 adopted the amendment that referred to the Law on the Karnataka Police. This has led to a ban on criminal participation in online games. The gaming industry felt relieved.

Also, the Government of India is implementing the Digital Village program. This program aims to expand the use of the internet in rural parts of India as well as the penetration of mobile devices.

There is also the Union Ministry of Education which creates employment opportunities for students in online games. The state conducted the Smart India Hackathon to encourage students to demonstrate their skills.

Currently, the gaming industry in India is a very significant depot of the economy. It is estimated that this industry could create thousands of job positions across the country. Also, there are indications that several gaming startups will establish employment plans to support growth in the next few years.

At the time of writing, there are more than 400 gaming companies in India. Some of the companies that stand out are Hyperlink InfoSystem, Infosys Limited, Zensar Technologies, FGfactory, and others. The increase in the offer of quality games leads to the growing need for virtual entertainment. Influential people who encourage Indians to play more games also make a great contribution.

Conducted researches

It is estimated that about 560 million people in India use the Internet. This makes India the second-largest consumer of the Internet worldwide. 85% are smartphone users, who are ahead of computer and tablet users. 11% are PC users, and only 4% are tablet users.

According to research by the WEF (World Economic Forum), smartphones are primarily used devices for gaming in India. Contributing to this is access to mobile devices growing by 15% every 12 months over the last five years. This is a remarkable growth that will continue to develop in the future. Also, the use of the world’s lowest tariffs with 4G internet speeds has significantly contributed to the use of smartphones.

AdTech firms conducted their own research as well. The results of the AdTech effort were announced by Invest India. It was revealed that during the COVED-19 pandemic, about 45% of Indian mobile users started playing games online. Nirmala Sitharaman, the Minister of Finance, made some significant decisions. She announced that during the determination of the budget, she will go to develop new capacities and new ways to satisfy the global demand for animation, visual effects, games, and comics. All of this falls under the (AVGC) sector. Sai Srinivas, CEO, and co-founder of the Mobile Premium League said:

“It is exciting to see that the Union budget has considered some of the long-standing ideas for the AVGC sector. It should be considered that the industry has solid potential for creating jobs. Just like ‘Make in India’ game titles around the world.”

Finally, we will mention the KPMG report. This report states that in 2018, the number of Indian online players increased to 250 million. By 2020, this number had grown to as much as 400 million. The Indian Gaming industry is on the rise as you may have seen. This industry is expected to reach $3.9 billion by 2025.

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