The future of Cyber Boy Corp.’s video game division

Beverly Hills – Sr. Roy Andrade has become a real inspiration to most of his peers and even more so when it comes to the younger generation. His work ethic and determination epitomize what success looks like. What putting in the work means. What and where consistency, patience, and hard work will get you. If you’re looking for a tutorial on success, look no further than this man. With him at forefront of Cyber Boy Corp., they charge into the never-ending battle that is the future but what exactly does this future hold? So far, they have taken on the trials of the world with an iron fist but how long can they keep this momentum?  How long can their legs carry them? No one sees them giving out any time soon and I can’t help but agree with the masses on this one.

Cyber Boy Corp.’s Potential

For a start-up technology company, especially, during a global pandemic, this was nothing short of brilliant, and it is all thanks to the CEO, Sr. Roy Andrade. Not only did he turn Cyber Boy Corp. into a profitable software company during the COVID-19 pandemic, but, he was nominated by Dr. Rich Schultz of the University of Phoenix on into The National Society of Leadership and Success on November 23, 2020, and inducted on December 23, 2020.

Sr. Roy Andrade says they could branch into the IoT and AI sectors and it is a journey they have already embarked on with the release of this video game. Artificial Intelligence as a requirement in video game production, has provided them with a sort of stepping stone to rise to a higher level of technological advancement. It might take them a while longer to get deeper into the IoT sector but I wouldn’t put it past Cyber Boy Corp. to surprise us. I am certain that they will not limit themselves by branching to only two sectors.

There’s Virtual Reality which is still one of the younger sectors of technology and this bodes well for any company that can find a way to fully reap the potential Virtual Reality holds within it. Its application in gaming, sports, and even day to day television can propel any company to the top once it has been accomplished.

Big data is also a sector Cyber Boy Corp. could venture into but with Google already absolutely dominating it, it wouldn’t be any small feat to get to a point where they could compete. Many have tried but have all been left in the dust by this technological behemoth.

Either way, I look forward to playing the new video game by Cyber Boy Corp. this year and seeing them finally open up to the public next year. However, beyond that is a lovely mystery I would love to unravel with them. I have to say, Roy, you are taking the world by storm and I can’t help but join the fan club. Cyber Boy Corp. is reaching for greatness. Just watch and see.

The world can expect to see tremendous success in and out of Cyber Boy Corp.’s Video Game Department this year. Sr. Roy Andrade has already popped champagne bottles in his main office as he announced the grand opening of his Video Game Department on January 1, 2021, which he views as big step in technology and another way for Cyber Boy Corp. to earn additional revenue during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Brilliant.

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