The Cycle: Frontier survival guide for beginners


The Cycle: Frontier is one of the gaming community’s most threatening extraction shooter games. You can call it a PvPvE because players fight against other players and their environment.

To survive, players must gear up with powerful weapons and be ready to fight whatever attacks them. However, you must be careful and quiet, knowing you’re in an alien world. Any loud noises will attract extraordinarily fierce creatures toward you.

Luckily some of The Cycle Frontier hacks available will help you win more fights over time. Meanwhile, read this beginner’s guide to the end for some survival tips.

The Cycle Frontier Survival Guide for Beginners

1. Gear up with the necessary equipment

Before you jump into The Cycle Frontier, one of the first things to do is gear up. But don’t be tempted to enable every gear in your inventory. Stick to only the necessary ones like armor, a backpack, a helmet, first-aids, a weapon, and ammo.

Even if you don’t have the latest upgrade for your equipment, take them with you. Over time, you can upgrade or modify them. But to survive this early stage, you need them at hand. You’ll have more chances to get better items as you progress in the game. On the other hand, you can log in every day to get some free random items.

2. Move immediately; you drop on the planet.

Most players in The Cycle Frontier focus only on killing other players. So, spending up to 10 seconds in your drop zone is the most dangerous. To survive in this early stage, you must move away from the spot you landed, or it’ll become your death zone.

If you’re landing near extraction sites, you must be alert. Snipers or players who have made it to the site can frag you out to win the fight. But if you can move almost immediately, you’re likely to survive. Furthermore, avoid moving in a straight line.

3. Loot and collect resources quickly but carefully

The more time spent in a particular place, the more exposed you become. Loot and collect necessary resources as quickly as possible. Remember, you’re not the only one searching for these valuables; you’ve got enemies around too. So, hurry and leave the spot.

Furthermore, you must carefully search for loot and resources on an alien world. Don’t be loud so you don’t attract those brutal creatures that threaten your survival and loot. Don’t be too fast to grab the loot. Instead, take only the necessary items so you don’t occupy your backpack with irrelevant items.

4. Travel via the River system

The river system is the most secure and recommendable option for traveling from one area to another. It’s difficult for creatures to catch up with you. Additionally, it is quieter and easy because you won’t get into risky fights for a while.

Many players prefer Monorail transportation because it’s good for long trips. But rivers are still the greatest tools for getting across different places without risking your life. Since you’re starting your first game, travel via rivers, and you’ll live longer to win more battles.

5. Kill less and think more.

Instead of running and gunning any player you see in the game, spend more time thinking. For instance, if you sight loot nearby and some enemies around, don’t start the fight because you may not live through it. Your gunfire will attract both enemy players and monsters to the scene. Instead, take cover and use the loot as bait.

Other players can frag each other out, leaving it for you, and you don’t have to fight for it. Furthermore, be calculative. Think of how you can escape the wrath of those monster creatures and get to the extraction point successfully. For instance, when creatures nod off in the game, you can crouch past them and won’t be noticed. Don’t fire or try to kill them.

6. Avoid the bestiary

Monsters in The Cycle Frontier can be a minor issue as you play. But no matter what you do, don’t attract the three evil beasts of this game – Jeff, Rattlers, and Striders. Jeff will usually guard some loot or an entrance to some passages. Once you spot him, take your leave immediately. Trying to kill him will attract the rattlers and striders. If this happens, there’s no survival for you.

The striders come in packs, but you can kill them by crouching behind and knifing them. However, they must not see you. For the rattlers, don’t even get their attention, or you’re doomed. But if you get away from their spawn point, you’re safe. They don’t cross that point.


Driven by danger and suspense, The Cycle Frontier can get you off your seat and still grasp you for more gameplay. You can enjoy your first game with this survival guide as a beginner.

The key factors to surviving include gearing up, moving away immediately after you land on the map, looting quickly and quietly, and avoiding the bestiary. More importantly, kill less and think more.