The best Among Us mods

Among Us became a cultural phenomenon due to its simple gameplay and engaging social elements. However, even with updates, the core gameplay can get repetitive. Thankfully, mods add new dimensions and fun to the game, offering both quality-of-life improvements and entirely new gameplay mechanics.


Here are some of the best mods to enhance your Among Us experience. is an excellent mod for those who want to experience modded gameplay without hassle. This custom launcher provides access to over 10 new custom servers with unique game modes like Slenderman, Cops & Robbers, Jester, and CrazyColors. It’s easy to use and allows you to play with a global community without needing everyone to have the same mod. There’s also a community Discord to coordinate games with others using the launcher.



BetterCrewLink addresses the lack of in-game voice chat in Among Us. While many players use Discord for voice communication, BetterCrewLink offers a more immersive experience by adding proximity voice chat. This means you can only hear and speak to players close to your character, enhancing the game’s tension and realism. Just like in space, if you wander off alone, no one will hear you scream when you’re backstabbed.


Town of Us

Town of Us is a comprehensive mod that adds dozens of new roles for crewmates and imposters, along with a third neutral faction. Each role has unique abilities and win conditions, creating a more complex and engaging game. For instance, the Jester wins if they are voted out first, and the Executioner wins by getting a specific player eliminated. This mod can make each game feel fresh and unpredictable.


Streamers Hat Pack

Streamers Hat Pack lets you show appreciation for your favorite Twitch streamers by wearing cosmetic items that represent them. While it doesn’t cover every streamer, it includes items like LilyPichu’s flower, Disguised Toast’s mask, and Jacksepticeye’s eye. This mod adds a fun way to customize your character and connect with the streaming community.



ColorsPlus expands the color options for your character to 256, including four dynamic colors. This mod works on all official servers, although only players with the mod can see the new colors. It’s a great way to add more personality and variety to your in-game avatar.

Mods can significantly enhance your Among Us experience by adding new gameplay elements, improving communication, and allowing for more customization. Whether you want to try new game modes, roles, or simply express yourself with more colors and cosmetics, these mods will keep your games exciting and engaging.