Rhythm action game “Hi-Fi Rush” is set to release on PlayStation 5 this March

Hi-Fi Rush, a critically acclaimed rhythm game, expands to PlayStation 5 in March, leaving Switch fans hopeful for a future release on the rumored Switch 2.

Hi-Fi Rush, initially released as an Xbox and PC exclusive in January 2023, is set to expand its reach with a PlayStation 5 release on March 18th, 2024. This announcement arrived through a recent Bethesda blog post, accompanied by a captivating reveal trailer on the official PlayStation YouTube channel.

Xbox’s developer directly served as the platform for its unexpected debut, and the game quickly resonated with players. Metacritic scores reflect this positive reception, showcasing “Generally Favorable” reviews on Xbox and “Critical Acclaim” on PC. Additionally, the game’s popularity transcended review scores, gathering widespread support from the gaming community. By August 2023, Hi-Fi Rush boasts a remarkable 3 million players, solidifying its status as a modern gaming success story.


However, the game’s exclusivity remained a point of discussion among fans. Throughout 2023, rumours swirled about potential platform expansions. Finally, in February 2024, Xbox officially confirmed that several of its titles would be making their way to new platforms, leaving the specific games shrouded in mystery. The recent announcement unveiled Hi-Fi Rush as one of these fortunate titles, finally bringing its electrifying gameplay to PlayStation audiences.

While the PlayStation 5 release cements Hi-Fi Rush’s multi-platform status, questions regarding a potential Switch port remain. Although official confirmation is absent, whispers suggest that the game might find its home on the rumoured Switch 2. This possibility could mean a slight wait for Switch enthusiasts, but the potential for an optimized experience on the newer hardware might be worth the delay.

Regardless of platform, the arrival of Hi-Fi Rush on PlayStation 5 expands its reach, allowing a wider audience to experience its innovative gameplay.