PUBG Corp indicates to re-launch PUBG Mobile app soon in India

The company has said that PUBG Mobile game will be re-launched in India soon with a new design and special developments.

Millions of PUBG Mobile fans in India may get a good news very soon. Krafton, the maker of PUBG Mobile game has said that the company is looking to re-launch PUBG Mobile in the Indian market as soon as possible, but its release date cannot be disclosed yet.

During the Indian Gaming Conference 2021, the company said, “The game will be launched in India with special design and new developments. The company is preparing for this. However, the PUBG New State is not open yet, so its pre-registration cannot be done. We are waiting to get green signal from the government to launch this app,” as quoted by ABP.


Recently, PUBG Corporation has opened a job application on LinkedIn for an investment and strategy analyst for its Bengaluru office. For this job post, candidates should have at least three years of experience in interactive entertainment, gaming and information technology (IT). Its the second time PUBG Corporation has sought applications for jobs in India after the gaming app was banned. Earlier in October last year, PUBG Corporation sought a job application for a corporate development division manager in India.

Although, it doesn’t prove that the game is coming back, but it definitely shows that the company still hopes to return in the Indian market with their gaming app.