Pacific Drive released on PlayStation 5 & PC

Pacific Drive, released February 22nd, 2024, delivers a challenging and rewarding roguelike experience, blending driving, survival, and exploration in a hauntingly beautiful post-apocalyptic world.

Developed by Ironwood Studio, Pacific Drive has officially launched on PlayStation 5 and PC, offering a unique blend of driving, survival, and roguelike elements. This first-person experience throws players into the enigmatic Olympic Exclusion Zone, a nightmarish landscape riddled with supernatural hazards and shrouded in mystery. With nothing but a beat-up station wagon and their wits, players must navigate this treacherous terrain, scavenging for resources, upgrading their vehicle, and uncovering the secrets hidden within.

Pacific Drive’s core gameplay revolves around exploration and risk-reward decisions. Players embark on randomized runs through the Exclusion Zone, each offering fresh challenges and layouts. Their trusty station wagon serves as both transportation and mobile base, requiring constant upgrades and repairs to withstand the zone’s dangers. From radiation pools to spectral anomalies, the environment throws a variety of obstacles at players, demanding skillful driving and quick thinking.


The roguelike elements add a layer of tension and consequence. Each run is a gamble, with progress and loot lost upon death or abandoning the attempt. This encourages careful planning and resource management, as players weigh the risks of venturing deeper against the potential rewards. However, even seasoned explorers are never guaranteed success, as the ever-shifting nature of the Zone ensures a constant element of surprise.

Beyond the immediate dangers, Pacific Drive weaves a captivating narrative through environmental storytelling and radio transmissions. Players piece together the Zone’s history and uncover the truth behind the unsettling events that transpired there. A cast of quirky characters, communicating via radio, offer guidance and humor, adding a human touch to the desolate landscape.

The game’s depth extends beyond its core gameplay loop. A comprehensive crafting system allows players to customize and enhance their vehicle, transforming it from a rusty relic into a formidable survival machine. From reinforced panels to advanced gadgets, the options for personalization are vast, catering to different playstyles and strategies.

Pacific Drive has garnered positive reviews for its unique blend of genres, captivating world, and rewarding gameplay loop. Critics praise its challenging yet engaging mechanics, the ever-present sense of risk and reward, and the deep customization options for the player’s trusty vehicle. However, some reviewers warn of the game’s unforgiving nature and the potential for frustration due to the roguelike elements.

In conclusion, Pacific Drive offers a thrilling and atmospheric journey through a perilous world. With its blend of driving, survival, and roguelike elements, the game caters to players seeking a challenging and rewarding experience.