NYT Mini Crossword today: puzzle answers for Thursday, June 13

If you’re a crossword enthusiast but can’t dedicate hours to solving a full-sized puzzle, The Mini by the New York Times is your perfect match! This bite-sized crossword packs all the fun of its full-sized cousin into a quick and engaging challenge. Most solvers wrap it up in just over a minute, making it an ideal daily brain teaser.

However, don’t be fooled by its size. The Mini can be deceptively tricky, with one tough clue potentially throwing off your entire solving streak. But worry not! Just like our Wordle and Connections hints, we’re here to provide a little nudge if you’re stuck on today’s Mini crossword.


Today’s NYT Mini Crossword Answers


  1. Powdery mineral – TALC
  2. This might bring you to tears – ONION
  3. Candymaker responsible for Lickable Wallpaper and Hair Toffee – WONKA
  4. Good puzzle pieces to start with – EDGES
  5. Writer Tolstoy – LEO


  1. Item in a beach bag – TOWEL
  2. One end of a battery – ANODE
  3. Specialized “-speak” – LINGO
  4. Jack and ___ (mixed drink) – COKE
  5. “Stillmatic” rapper – NAS

With these answers in hand, you’ll breeze through today’s Mini and be well on your way to a new personal best! If you’re enjoying The Mini, don’t forget to check out other fun puzzles like Wordle and Connections for your daily dose of brain exercises. Happy puzzling!