NYT Mini Crossword today: puzzle answers for Monday, June 10

Love crossword puzzles but don’t have time to sit and solve a full-sized one in your daily newspaper? That’s what The Mini is for! This bite-sized version of the New York Times’ famous crossword puzzle offers a quick and easy way to challenge your brain every day. While The Mini is smaller and simpler than the traditional crossword, it still provides a satisfying test of your skills and can be completed in just a few minutes—the average player finishes in just over a minute. However, don’t be fooled by its size; The Mini can still be tricky, and one challenging clue can mean the difference between a personal best time and a frustrating attempt.

Just like our hints for Wordle and Connections, we’re here to assist with today’s Mini crossword if you’re having trouble. Below, you’ll find the answers to today’s NYT Mini crossword.



NYT Mini Crossword Answers Today


  1. Curse word – SWEAR
    • This word refers to an expletive or profanity often used to express strong emotions.
  2. “Bear” that’s not actually a bear – KOALA
    • Despite its common name, the koala is a marsupial and not a bear.
  3. Alphabetically first gas on the periodic table – ARGON
    • Argon is a noble gas and the first one listed alphabetically among the elements.
  4. Email button – SEND
    • The button you click to dispatch an email to its recipient.
  5. Three-pointer, in hoops slang – TREY
    • In basketball, a “trey” is a term used for a shot made from beyond the three-point line.


  1. Genre that influenced reggae and rocksteady – SKA
    • Ska is a music genre originating in Jamaica that significantly influenced the development of reggae and rocksteady.
  2. Bottom-of-the-barrel – WORST
    • Refers to something of the lowest quality or most inferior standard.
  3. Champing at the bit – EAGER
    • This phrase means to be very enthusiastic or impatient to start something.
  4. How solitaire is played – ALONE
    • Solitaire is a card game designed for a single player.
  5. ___ Jackson, former judge on “American Idol” – RANDY
    • Randy Jackson is a musician and producer who was a judge on the television show “American Idol.”


Expanding Your NYT Mini Crossword Skills

Solving The Mini crossword can be a fun and efficient way to engage your mind without committing a large amount of time. It’s perfect for a quick break or a mental warm-up at the start of your day. If you find yourself stuck on a clue, don’t worry—sometimes even seasoned solvers need a little help. Use the answers provided to guide you and improve your solving strategies for future puzzles.

The Mini crossword offers a great balance of challenge and brevity, making it an ideal daily exercise for your brain. Whether you’re aiming for a personal best time or just looking to enjoy a brief mental diversion, The Mini is the perfect solution. Happy solving!