No Man’s Sky update 4.52: Enhanced gameplay and improved stability

No Man’s Sky Update 4.52 brings bug fixes, improved save game transitions, better customization, and fixes for Pirate Dreadnoughts, alongside various other improvements for a smoother gameplay experience.

No Man’s Sky has received a recent update, version 4.52, available across all platforms, including PC. This update brings a multitude of improvements to the game, addressing lingering bugs, enhancing performance, and implementing various quality-of-life changes, ultimately aiming to provide a more polished and enjoyable gameplay experience for players.

One of the most notable fixes in Update 4.52 pertains to season completion. A previously encountered bug that hindered players from progressing through seasonal objectives has been resolved. This fix ensures uninterrupted gameplay, allowing players to continue their seasonal endeavors without any roadblocks. Additionally, the update streamlines the transition between Season and Normal game modes. Players can now seamlessly switch between these modes without the necessity of completing optional milestones, offering greater flexibility and catering to diverse player preferences.


Furthermore, Update 4.52 addresses concerns regarding customization issues. Players will notice a rectified categorization system for customization parts, eliminating confusion and facilitating a smoother customization experience. Additionally, the update ensures consistent customization application when transitioning between seasons, preventing any unwanted alterations.

A significant portion of the update focuses on resolving issues related to player-owned Pirate Dreadnoughts. These formidable vessels previously exhibited various glitches, including inadvertently firing upon players, experiencing unintended destruction, and even duplicating themselves multiple times. The update successfully addresses these problems, and players can now enjoy a more stable and predictable experience with their Pirate Dreadnoughts.

Beyond the aforementioned key fixes, Update 4.52 encompasses a wider range of improvements. Players can now utilize certain pre-existing saves within the multiplayer mode, while the Scan Harmoniser’s functionality for locating Autophage camps has been enhanced. Additionally, the update addresses various crashes related to memory usage, settlements, frigates, multiplayer interactions, weather effects, and specific issues encountered on Xbox consoles and PC. Notably, the OpenVR version has also been updated, aiming to deliver a more refined virtual reality experience for players.

In conclusion, No Man’s Sky Update 4.52 represents a significant step forward, addressing numerous bugs and glitches that previously hampered gameplay. The update also implements various performance enhancements and quality-of-life improvements, ultimately striving to provide a smoother and more enjoyable experience for players exploring the vast universe of No Man’s Sky.