Nintendo gears up for a new console launch and cinematic expansion

Nintendo’s next console may launch in Q1 2025, with potential price hikes and remakes in a “dry” 2024. Illumination proposes a shared Nintendo Cinematic Universe, building on the success of the Super Mario Bros. Movie.

Nintendo, the iconic gaming giant, is poised to unleash its next console upon the world. Reports suggest a release in the first quarter of 2025, a slight shift from the anticipated late 2024 launch. While 2024 seemed like a sure bet, sources close to the project now point towards a later arrival. This shift could be attributed to various factors, ranging from development complexities to strategic planning. Regardless of the reason, the wait has ignited excitement amongst gamers, eager to see what the future holds for the iconic brand.

Two independent sources claim to be working on titles specifically designed for the upcoming hardware, slated for release sometime in early 2025. This seemingly confirms the console’s development and hints at a potential launch window, but Nintendo’s silence leaves room for ambiguity.


Beyond the console itself, speculations delve into the realm of pricing and game costs. Industry analyst Dr Serkan Toto predicts a $400 price tag for the console, a significant increase from the Switch’s launch price of $300. This reflects the trend of rising hardware costs across the industry. Additionally, Toto suggests that game prices might follow suit, mirroring the $70 standard now seen on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S titles. This could potentially impact consumer spending habits and raise concerns about accessibility.

While the new console promises a leap forward, 2024 might pose a challenge for Nintendo. Without a new hardware release to drive sales, the company might face a “dry pipeline,” as Dr. Toto puts it. This could translate to a year dominated by remakes and ports, potentially leaving hardcore gamers yearning for fresh experiences. However, upcoming titles like Princess Peach: Showtime and remakes of beloved classics like Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD and Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door offer solace to fans looking for familiar adventures.

Looking beyond the immediate future, reports of a potential cinematic universe collaboration between Nintendo and Illumination have sparked the imagination of fans and industry experts alike. The success of the recently released Super Mario Bros. Movie, grossing over $1.3 billion worldwide, has emboldened both parties to explore the possibilities of a shared universe. This could potentially encompass iconic franchises like Super Smash Bros. and open doors for spin-off films, mirroring the success stories of Marvel and DC cinematic universes.

Further, the prospect of a shared cinematic universe with Illumination hints at a future where Nintendo’s beloved characters conquer not only consoles but also the silver screen. Only time will tell how these speculations unfold, but one thing is certain: the future of gaming promises to be filled with thrilling adventures for Nintendo fans and beyond.