Netflix enters into gaming with the acquisition of game developer Night School Studio

With the purchase of Night School Studio, Netflix is diving head-first into the gaming market for the first time.

Streaming giant Netflix has acquired its first game developer with the acquisition of Oxenfree creator Night School Studio, both the companies announced on Tuesday. Night school studio, which is known for its storytelling narratives, will be responsible for developing original video games for the online platform. 

In a blog post released later on September 28, Night School Studio’s co-founder Sean Krankel affirmed that the acquisition by Netflix will provide them with a platform to develop diverse stories and narratives for its original games moving ahead. 

“Night School wants to stretch our narrative and design aspirations across distinctive, original games with heart,” Krankel said via his blog post. “Netflix gives film, TV, and now game makers an unprecedented canvas to create and deliver excellent entertainment to millions of people. Our explorations in narrative gameplay and Netflix’s track record of supporting diverse storytellers was such a natural pairing. It felt like both teams came to this conclusion instinctively.”

While the terms of the acquisition remain undisclosed, Netflix game development vice president Mike Verdu said that games will eventually be available as part of a standard Netflix membership — “all with no ads and no in-app purchases.” It was also announced earlier that Netflix will initially target mobile devices for its developed games. 

“We’ll continue working with developers around the world and hiring the best talent in the industry to deliver a great collection of exclusive games,” Mike Verdu, vice president of game development, further stated in the blog post.

The acquisition marks Netflix’s first deep dive into the gaming market after it had announced in July this year that it is planning on exploring and expanding into the new territory of online entertainment.  Netflix chief operating officer Greg Peters had said that “the company’s push into video games — specifically, right now — is the right time to learn more about how our members value games,” in the announcement. 

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