March 2024: Gaming industry gears up for highly anticipated releases

The March 2024 lineup is shaping up to be particularly exciting, offering a diverse selection of games across various genres, catering to a wide range of player preferences.

As February draws to a close, gamers worldwide eagerly await the arrival of March, a month traditionally brimming with highly anticipated video game releases. This year promises to be no different, with a diverse lineup catering to a wide spectrum of gaming preferences. Whether you’re a die-hard wrestling fan, a seasoned RPG enthusiast, or a thrill-seeker craving action-packed adventures, March 2024 has something to offer everyone.

For wrestling aficionados, March 8th marks the arrival of WWE 2K24. Featuring iconic superstars like John Cena and The Undertaker, the game boasts stunning visuals and immersive gameplay, allowing you to live out your wrestling dreams with unparalleled realism. Fantasy RPG aficionados have their fill with two exciting options. The Thaumaturge, launching on March 4th, transports players to a morally ambiguous early 20th century Warsaw, offering a narrative-driven journey through the lens of a mage. Unicorn Overlord, arriving on the same day, delivers a classic tactical RPG experience with its unique battle system and vibrant exploration mechanics, reminiscent of the golden age of the genre.


Outcast – A New Beginning, the long-awaited sequel to the cult classic released in 1999, blasts off on March 15th. Players once again assume the role of Cutter Slade, tasked with saving an alien world from the clutches of robotic invaders. If your tastes lean towards historical epics, then Rise of the Ronin might be your perfect match. Releasing on March 22nd, this open-world action game plunges you into the heart of 19th century Japan, where you wield your katana in a desperate attempt to rewrite history amidst the chaos of a civil war.

If you’re looking for something lighter, South Park: Snow Day, available on March 26th, offers a hilarious and action-packed romp through the snow-covered town of South Park, allowing you to team up with friends to battle rival factions and choose your own path in a brand-new narrative. And for those who have been eagerly awaiting Princess Peach’s moment in the spotlight, Princess Peach: Showtime arrives on March 22nd, marking her first solo adventure in almost two decades.

Arriving on March 20th, Alone in the Dark is an atmospheric horror adventure game with eerie environments, confront terrifying creatures, and mind-bending puzzles as you uncover the secrets lurking within the Decreto Manor.

For retro and platform game lovers, March brings back beloved classics with a modern twist. Contra: Operation Galuga, a contemporary remake of the iconic run-and-gun game, launches on March 14th. Experience the classic gameplay with upgraded visuals, new mechanics, and a revamped arsenal, bringing back the nostalgia while offering fresh challenges.

Pepper Grinder, arriving on March 28th, injects a dose of 2D action with its unique drilling mechanic. Dive in and out of the ground like a dolphin, combining traditional platforming with innovative drilling gameplay for a truly original and engaging experience. Finally, RPG aficionados can rejoice with the arrival of The Legend of Legacy HD Remastered on March 22nd. This beloved adventure game, now adorned with stunning HD visuals, invites you to explore a captivating world filled with charm and intrigue. Rediscover the magic of this classic or experience it for the first time in all its remastered glory.

With so many diverse and exciting titles on the horizon, March 2024 promises to be a month of nonstop gaming bliss. Whether you crave the adrenaline rush of professional wrestling, the immersive narratives of fantasy RPGs, the thrilling action of historical epics, or the chilling suspense of horror adventures, there’s sure to be a game that will capture your imagination and keep you glued to your screen.