Is Minecraft cross-platform?

Minecraft has maintained its status as one of the most beloved games thanks to its boundless creativity, frequent updates, and delightful ambiance. If you’re among the millions who’ve logged thousands of hours into this pixelated paradise, you’ve likely enjoyed countless moments of joy, humor, and sheer fun. But how does this experience translate to co-op play? In today’s diverse gaming world, players are spread across various platforms, which might make you wonder if you can join in with friends using different hardware. Here’s everything you need to know about cross-platform play in Minecraft.


Is Minecraft Cross-Platform?

The short answer is: Yes! Minecraft is cross-platform across a wide array of devices including PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, PC, iOS, and Android. However, there are a few important caveats to keep in mind:

1. Bedrock vs. Java Edition Only Minecraft: Bedrock Edition supports cross-platform play. If you’re playing Minecraft: Java Edition on PC, you’re restricted to playing with others on the same version. The Java Edition does not support cross-play with any other platforms.

2. Microsoft Account Requirement Regardless of which non-Microsoft platform you’re on, you’ll need to sign into a Microsoft account to access cross-platform features. If you don’t already have one, it’s a straightforward process to create an account using your existing email or by signing up for a new one.

3. Online Subscriptions for Consoles If you’re playing on a console, you’ll need an active online subscription for your respective platform:

  • PlayStation requires PlayStation Plus
  • Xbox requires Xbox Live Gold
  • Nintendo Switch requires Nintendo Switch Online

These subscriptions are necessary to access online multiplayer features in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition.

Minecraft’s cross-platform capabilities allow friends to play together regardless of the device, provided they are using the Bedrock Edition and have the necessary accounts and subscriptions. This feature makes Minecraft an even more versatile and enjoyable game, bringing players together across various platforms for shared adventures and creative exploits. Happy crafting!