How Technology is Preserving the Matka Heritage

Matka has been the most popular lottery in India for decades. Since its creation in the 1950s, it has been a national favorite for millions of Indian people. Originally the game was played with the matka (clay pot) and chits. Today technology brings Matka to our computers, smartphones, and androids. Current technology allows fans to use technology via their computer or favorite app to place bets, check scores, and even help determine a formula for winning the lottery.

How it all began

Initially, the popular game was called ‘Ankada Jaguar.  But, by the 1960s, the game name had changed to Matka gambling or Satta, which means “betting on numbers.” Slips of paper with the numbers from the opening and closing of the New York Cotton Exchange were guessed and placed in the pot. A specific person would pull the numbers from the Matka, and they would check Matka’s results.

Matka was wildly popular. It was especially popular in the mill towns where bookmakers would soon set up shop. The government saw Matka as a form of gambling and tried to make it illegal. The game was so successful that Indian people continued to play even without betting on the results. Then came a great compromise with modern technology. It has been deemed acceptable for Matka and other lotteries to be accessed and enjoyed using the internet. Quality companies that hold proper licensing and insurance offer sites through high-speed computers. With great software and advanced interfaces, they can allow international lottery play, host major e-sports tournaments, and hold many different forms of adult gambling play. Digital technology gives fans past games, such as Matka, allowing them to remain part of the average Indian person’s life. These games are part of the Indian heritage and culture that the current generation is now enjoying. The popularity of Matka through movies like The Matka King series sparked new life into this time-honored game.


Let’s clear up confusion about the legalities of gambling in India. Some people mistakenly believe that gambling in any form (except for horse races) is punishable by fines and jail time. One gentleman (who wished to be unidentified) even referenced the law as being “defined in the Indian Penal Code (45 of 1860).”

There are 58 pages of code referenced, and it says nothing about Satta Matka. The anonymous person told us that Satta Matka is illegal in a building or house but perfectly legal online. People have repeated this online to back up the theory. We searched for anything that would point us to a law revision but could not find anything. People in India play Satta Matka online often and do not keep it a secret. It is popular.

Finally, while we did not speak with this man personally, we read an exciting web page report. You can visit the website at, and the attorney is Advocate Aveek Bose. His article clarifies that he expects online gambling to be legal in India very soon and that the structure is currently in place to receive it. Of course, all businesses in India have regulations. They are for the safety of the public. But, most agree the rules will have to do with taxing. Regulations are already being enforced for licensed lottery online sites in India.


It is well known that Matka is a popular game in India, and people often win big prizes with it.

With hundreds of sports channels, lotteries, and games, online gaming has exploded. There are ground-breaking video games. There is an entire network of professional web designers, testers, and manufacturers. Today’s 5G capacity makes checking scores and watching tournaments.


Online gaming, casino games, scratch-offs, instant wins, lotteries, e-sports, and Matka are alive and well on the internet. They are easily accessed through your computer, laptop, tablet, or the app on your smartphone or android device. Accounts are free and easy to maintain.

The quality vendors have secure and encrypted sites to protect your financial information. The sites are secure to use with major credit cards and bank transfers. The multi-billion industry is experiencing massive growth.

New technology is in development in this market as we speak. One such technology is IOT (or the Internet of things.) IOT is the technology that connects everyday items with sensors and tools to collect data from each other. IOT is already built into some of our appliances, video cameras, nursery cams, and automobiles. It is an inexpensive way of letting people and machines process information. Casinos can allow large amounts of people to collect data, demographics, and statistics and communicate with minimal human action. This will make gaming more exciting and more personalized based on your use.

Keeping score, viewing cricket matches, and watching moves will always be more reality-based.

You should give online lottery play a try. Try it and find out what all the excitement is about.

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