Helldivers 2 receives Patch addressing recent glitches

Helldivers 2 patch 1.000.13 fixes bugs introduced in the previous patch, including missing items, crashes, and infinite Stratagem glitch. Some known issues remain, but the studio is working on them.

Arrowhead Game Studios has released patch 1.000.13 for their cooperative shooter game, Helldivers 2. This update aims to address a number of bugs that emerged following the previous patch, which focused on improving server capacity and connectivity issues. While the earlier update successfully mitigated some problems, it inadvertently introduced new ones.

The latest patch tackles several of these recently introduced glitches. Notably, it resolves the issue of Super Credits disappearing after purchase or collection, a significant inconvenience for players. Additionally, the patch rectifies the problem of the Premium Warbond being inaccessible after purchase, ensuring players receive the benefits they paid for.


Furthermore, the update addresses several crashes that could occur under specific circumstances, such as when a player changes their rank or title. It also fixes missing text within the game’s HUD for the Acquisitions and Social menus, enhancing the overall user experience.

Addressing a particularly disruptive glitch, the patch eliminates the possibility of using Stratagems infinitely, which could occur after an idle player was kicked from the game. This ensures a balanced and fair playing experience for all participants. Similarly, the patch resolves issues with missing equipment and the appearance of purple question marks following an idle player kick.

While patch 1.000.13 brings significant improvements, Arrowhead Game Studios acknowledges several outstanding issues. These include login rate limiting during periods of high player traffic, potential player disconnections during gameplay, and delays or failures in attributing rewards and progress. Additionally, various user interface glitches may arise when the game interacts with servers, and certain in-game objects may cause player characters to freeze momentarily upon pickup. Furthermore, some games may be temporarily unjoinable by other players during periods of heavy server load, and other unforeseen issues may surface.

The studio has assured players that they are actively working to resolve these remaining issues and will address them in future patches or major title updates. Players are encouraged to stay informed by following Helldivers 2’s official social media channels for the latest updates and patch information.