Haunted Chocolatier: release date speculation, news, trailer, and more

In late 2021, indie developer Eric Barone, better known as ConcernedApe, the genius behind the enchanting Stardew Valley (a game hailed as one of the best ever by Digital Trends), unveiled his next big project: Haunted Chocolatier. This upcoming title promises a delightful new realm of casual simulation, where players uncover the secret desires of every town resident while managing a chocolate shop in a haunted castle.

Details are still scarce, but fear not—we’ve gathered plenty of tidbits to keep you in the loop. Here’s everything we know about Haunted Chocolatier so far.


Haunted Chocolatier Release Date Speculation

There’s no official release date for Haunted Chocolatier yet, and it seems it might be in the oven a bit longer than initially hoped. The latest update from Barone, in a December 2022 interview with Screen Rant, revealed that while progress is steady, the game is ambitious and will take time. Barone noted that Stardew Valley took four-and-a-half years to complete, and he’s been working on Haunted Chocolatier for about two years. If it follows a similar timeline, we might not see it until 2025 at the earliest.

In 2023, Barone paused development briefly to release a new update for Stardew Valley, which launched in spring 2024. Now, with his focus back on Haunted Chocolatier, progress should pick up pace, but patience will still be key for fans.


Haunted Chocolatier is confirmed for PC, but there’s no word yet on other platforms. Given Stardew Valley’s wide reach to consoles and mobile devices, it’s likely Haunted Chocolatier will follow suit and be accessible to gamers across various systems.

Haunted Chocolatier Trailer

We’ve only had a tantalizing glimpse of Haunted Chocolatier from an early gameplay video released in October 2021. The clip showcases town life, some combat scenes as characters gather ingredients, and a peek into the chocolate-making process within the factory.

Haunted Chocolatier Gameplay

Haunted Chocolatier puts players in charge of a chocolate shop housed in a haunted castle, nestled within a snowy community. Players will forage for ingredients, build alliances, and craft the finest chocolates to achieve success.

The game retains the charming, familiar feel of Stardew Valley, described by Barone as having the “energy of the moon” compared to Stardew’s “energy of the sun.” While the art style and interface are recognizable, Haunted Chocolatier is being developed in a new engine, enabling exciting new features and improvements. Whether it shares Stardew Valley’s world remains to be seen.

Fans of Stardew Valley will be pleased to know that Haunted Chocolatier will feature similar systems for building relationships and engaging with the community. You’ll be able to give gifts, deepen connections, and manage your chocolate shop, all while enjoying the relaxed, town-life simulation that made Stardew Valley beloved.

Here’s where Haunted Chocolatier diverges significantly from Stardew Valley. Emphasizing Action RPG elements, the game will feature enhanced combat with various weapons, shields, a full blocking system, and a stun system for successfully blocked attacks. Barone, inspired by Diablo II, aims to blend satisfying loot and stat improvements into the foraging and exploration aspects, adding a layer of action to the chocolate-making adventure.

The soothing tunes of Stardew Valley are a fan favorite, and Haunted Chocolatier promises an equally delightful soundtrack. The early gameplay trailer offers a preview of the enchanting music we can expect. More tracks will likely be revealed as the game nears completion.

Haunted Chocolatier Multiplayer and Co-op

Haunted Chocolatier is being designed as a single-player experience, with no plans for multiplayer or co-op modes, according to the developer’s blog FAQ section.

Haunted Chocolatier Preorders

With the game still likely a couple of years away from release, preorders aren’t available yet. Stay tuned for updates as development progresses.

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