Harvest Hunt’s roguelike horror is set for its release this May

Folk horror roguelike Harvest Hunt arrives in May, offering tense 10-15 minute runs, strategic deckbuilding, and a chilling battle for survival against the monstrous Devourer.

Villainous Games Studio has unveiled new details and a release window for their highly anticipated folk horror roguelike, Harvest Hunt. During the recent IGN Fan Fest, the studio captivated viewers with an unsettling new trailer narrated by Baldur’s Gate 3’s Karlach, Samantha Béart, and confirmed the game’s arrival on PC via Steam this May.

While the wait for its official release may seem agonizing, Villainous Games Studio has offered players a taste of the terror with a playable demo currently available on Steam.


Harvest Hunt began as a smaller project in February 2022 but blossomed into a fully realized vision throughout development. Players step into the cursed shoes of the Warden, tasked with protecting the village of Luna Nova from the looming shadow of the Devourer, a monstrous entity threatening to consume all. Stealth, strategy, and cunning are your only weapons against the horrors that emerge each night.

The game plunges players into the eerie cornfields of Luna Nova, where they must navigate not only the dangers of the night, but also the secrets held by the village’s colorful cast of characters. Each villager harbors their own story, their fragmented pasts piecing together the truth behind Luna Nova’s curse. But survival hangs in the balance. Players must sacrifice health to craft essential tools, brave a hostile environment, and gather vital resources for the beleaguered village, all while confronting a creature vastly stronger than themselves.

Adding to the atmosphere of dread, Harvest Hunt embraces its roguelike nature. Runs last a tense 10-15 minutes, tailored to the player’s deck of cards. Making the right choices and wielding the perfect tools against each night’s randomized challenges is crucial for success. Every decision carries weight, and the best rewards await those who can master the art of strategy and adaptation.

While the official release remains a few months away, players eager to experience the chilling atmosphere can delve into a playable demo currently available on Steam.