Grounded, an Xbox exclusive game, is coming to Nintendo Switch

Xbox exclusive “Grounded” lands on Nintendo Switch on April 16th, marking a shift in Microsoft’s strategy and offering a unique survival-adventure experience to a wider audience.

In a surprising turn of events, “Grounded,” previously an Xbox exclusive, is set for its release on Nintendo Switch. This marks the first of four previously unnamed Xbox titles confirmed to be making the jump to other platforms, piquing gamers’ curiosity worldwide. While details surrounding the remaining titles remain mysterious, “Grounded’s” arrival on the Switch signifies a significant shift in Microsoft’s strategy, potentially opening the door for wider accessibility and cross-platform collaboration.

“Grounded” shrinks players down to the size of an ant, plunging them into a backyard transformed into a vast, intricate ecosystem teeming with both beauty and danger. From towering blades of grass resembling towering trees to industrious ants acting as formidable foes, the world presents a unique blend of exploration, survival, and resourcefulness. Players must navigate this miniature landscape, crafting tools, building bases, and working together in online co-op to overcome the challenges presented by their newfound miniature size.


The game boasts several features that have captivated players on Xbox consoles and PC. The “reactive world” mechanic ensures that insects respond to players’ actions, adding a layer of immersion and unpredictability to each encounter. Base building plays a crucial role, allowing players to construct elaborate structures for shelter, storage, and even defense against the ever-present insect threat. The online co-op functionality adds a social dimension to the experience, enabling players to team up with friends and tackle the backyard’s perils together. Finally, a captivating campaign unfolds as players delve deeper into the backyard’s mysteries, uncovering secrets and progressing through a narrative shrouded in intrigue.

“Grounded’s” arrival on the Switch broadens its reach to a wider audience, potentially introducing the unique gameplay experience to a whole new generation of players. The game’s portability and accessibility on the handheld console could further propel its popularity, fostering a larger community of players engaged in building, exploring, and surviving the backyard’s miniature world.

“Grounded’s” migration to the Switch marks a significant step towards breaking down platform exclusivity and offering diverse gaming experiences to a wider audience.