Fall Guys update 1.35 brings survival mode, creative enhancements, and more

Fall Guys Update 1.35 introduces “Survival Mode” and enhances the “Creative” mode with new features, bug fixes, and a new “Fame Pass” season.

Fall Guys, the popular online platformer known for its chaotic and delightful bean-based races, recently received a significant update, version 1.35. Available across all platforms, including PC, the update introduces a plethora of new features, bug fixes, and exciting additions to the “Creative” mode. Notably, the update’s size may vary depending on the platform.

The centerpiece of Update 1.35 lies in the expansion of the “Creative” mode, which allows players to design and share custom levels. The update introduces “Survival Rounds,” a brand new mode where only one bean can emerge victorious. This addition empowers creators to design challenging levels that test players’ skills and platforming prowess to the very limit.


Furthermore, the “Creative” mode receives a suite of enhancements to enrich the level creation experience. Players can now employ “Despawning Tiles,” which vanish after a set time or when stepped on, adding a dynamic layer of difficulty. Additionally, the update introduces “Elimination Zones,” customizable areas that instantly eliminate any bean who enters them, perfect for creating truly thrilling and unforgiving levels. To further personalize the experience, creators can now set “Individual Start Points” for players within Survival rounds.

Beyond these exciting additions, Update 1.35 bolsters the “Creative” mode with a “Likes System,” allowing players to express their appreciation for well-crafted levels. This feedback mechanism encourages creators and fosters a community around level design. Moreover, creators now have access to “Blast Balls,” explosive objects that can be incorporated into levels for an extra dose of chaotic fun. They can also set the scene with the new “Volcano Background” for a fiery and visually striking atmosphere.

The update doesn’t neglect the core gameplay experience. Players can acquire a variety of new costumes through the latest Fame Pass, including “Granny Wise Wolf,” “Homemade Rex,” and the adorable “Rubber Duckie.” Additionally, Update 1.35 addresses various bugs related to animations, visuals, sounds, and the user interface, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable gameplay experience for all players.

In summary, Fall Guys Update 1.35 significantly enhances the “Creative” mode with new features like Survival Rounds, Despawning Tiles, Elimination Zones, and a Likes System for player feedback. The update also includes bug fixes and introduces new costumes for players to acquire. This update continues to build upon the game’s core strengths, offering both new challenges and creative freedoms for its dedicated player base.