Enjoying the T20 season? Fantasy Cricket action on Howzat never stops!


Cricket in India is not just a sport – it has almost attained the stature of a religion. It is something that brings the entire country together. The advent of the Indian T20 League has added yet another feather to its cap. The Indian T20 League season is now in its full swing, giving fans around the world not just the chance to cheer for their favorite team but also the opportunity to hone their fantasy cricket skills. Cricket is now no longer only limited to the action that happens on the field. The unfruitful discussions that used to happen around the corners of every street have finally found a productive outlet. Now you have an opportunity to test your cricketing knowledge against millions of other cricket fans from across the country.

All of your fantasy cricket needs are catered to by the Howzat fantasy cricket app, which allows you to play fantasy cricket for free. Available to download for free from the Play Store, the Howzat app can certainly help you nurture your fantasy sports skills. There are plenty of free competitions to choose from in case you are new to the world of fantasy cricket. So while you continue enjoying all the action taking place on the pitch and the ground, test your knowledge of the game by playing fantasy cricket games.

Understanding the concept of fantasy cricket

The concept of fantasy sports is not new to India. The revolutionary Super Selector game that came into existence during the last decade gave the people of the country an idea about how it is played. Fantasy cricket is all about putting a playing XI together within a stipulated budget. Each player is allowed 100 credit points to select a team. Team owners win points depending on how their players perform in the actual match taking place on the field.

There are certain rules that are applicable while you make your selection. A player can pick a maximum of 7 players from one particular team of the two playing in the match. The number of batters and bowlers need to be between 3 and 6. The number of wicketkeepers and all-rounders has to be between 1 and 4. All you need to do is create the best team possible and beat your opponents.

Get yourself going

In order to start your fantasy cricket journey, all you need to do is download the Howzat fantasy cricket app. There are plenty of exciting competitions to pick from on the app. For beginners, there are unlimited free practice contests and tournaments. Players can join these free contests to test and sharpen their fantasy skills.

You can select an upcoming cricket match and choose your playing XI after doing thorough research on which players from the two teams are likely to perform the best in the match. You automatically win points when your players perform well or make valuable contributions in the actual match.

Important points to remember

While playing fantasy cricket is not rocket science, it is advisable to keep some key pointers in mind while making your team selection. Remember there are plenty of cricket experts across the country taking part in fantasy contests. So you need to be well-prepared before you start off on your fantasy journey. Here are some points that can give you an advantage over your competitors:

  • Keep the “C” factor in mind: Remember that your captain earns you 2X points for the same performance as other players. The stakes are higher for your vice captain too as he/she earns you 1.5X points. So while making the team selection, extra thought should be given to selecting your captain and vice captain. Ongoing form in the competition as well as the nature of the pitch can be major determining factors in making those selections.
  • Make a note of the pitch conditions: Some pitches favor spinners, while others favor seamers. Therefore, taking a closer look at the pitch before making the team selection is very important. There are certain batters who prefer the ball to come onto the bat quickly, while some are better equipped to counter spin. Teams can play an additional spinner or an additional pacer depending on the nature of the pitch.
  • Keep an eye on the toss: Team captains reveal their final playing XI at the time of the toss. There can be last-minute changes that might be necessary to make, given certain emergencies like injuries. Keep an eye on the toss and be ready to make changes to your fantasy team if necessary, depending on the final squad of the two teams.
  • Pick all-rounders: The maximum limit for the number of all-rounders in a fantasy team is 4. Therefore, make good use of that rule and try to include multiple all-rounders in your team because they are the ones that are likely to win you the most points with their all-round abilities.
  • Understand your players: Some legendary cricketers and your favorite players may not be equally good in all formats of the game. So it is advisable to keep your personal choice aside and select the best-suited players, depending on the format of the game and the form of the player.

Now that you know so much about fantasy cricket, what are you waiting for? Play fantasy cricket on Howzat and showcase your fantasy cricket skills. You can also play fantasy cricket for cash on the Howzat cash app, which is available to download from Howzat’s official website, and win real money in the form of cash prizes. Happy gaming!

Disclaimer: Gambling involves an element of financial risk and maybe addictive. Please play responsibly and at your own risk. Subject to applicable laws.