Citadelum, the Roman city builder, arrives in 2024

Citadelum, a Roman city builder launching in 2024, blends classic mechanics tasking you to manage your metropolis and appease the Pantheon for a truly unique and engaging experience.

The city-building genre is experiencing a renaissance, with titles like Pharaoh rekindling the nostalgic flames of classic management games. Abylight Studios joins the fray with their upcoming offering, Citadelum, slated for release in 2024. This game promises a familiar yet captivating blend of resource management, strategic expansion, and military prowess, all set against the backdrop of Ancient Rome.

Citadelum evokes the spirit of beloved titles like Caesar, Imperium, and SimCity, with a distinct Spanish touch. Players assume the mantle of a leader, tasked with establishing and nurturing settlements across the vast expanse of the Roman Empire. Water flows through meticulously constructed aqueducts, nourishing the lifeblood of your burgeoning civilization. As your influence expands, so too does your territory, encompassing an ever-growing map teeming with potential. Mighty armies stand ready to defend your domain from encroaching threats, ensuring the continued prosperity of your people.


But Citadelum transcends the realm of mere earthly concerns. The presence of the Roman Pantheon adds a unique layer of depth to the gameplay. Players navigate a complex relationship with these divine figures, seeking their favor through offerings and quests. The gods, however, are not easily appeased. Should you incur their wrath, their displeasure can manifest in unpredictable and devastating ways.

Citadelum’s core gameplay unfolds across three distinct yet interconnected layers. The foundation lies in the meticulous construction and management of your city. Resource management, efficient infrastructure development, and a thriving economy are essential for success. Strategic expansion allows you to spread your influence across the map, securing valuable territories and establishing lucrative trade routes.

Citadelum promises to deliver a unique and engaging experience for seasoned and novice players alike. Wishlist it on Steam today, and prepare to ascend to the heights of divine leadership in this captivating Roman adventure.