Between Horizons: A sci-fi detective adventure sets sail in March 2024

Sci-fi detective game Between Horizons launches on PC March 26th, 2024, offering branching narratives, exploration, and impactful player choices in a 2.5D pixel art world.

DigiTales Interactive’s highly anticipated sci-fi detective game, “Between Horizons,” has arrived on PC via Steam, setting sail on its captivating journey on March 26, 2024. A console version is also planned for later this year, further expanding the game’s reach.

“Between Horizons” invites players to step into the shoes of Stella, the newly appointed Chief of Security aboard the Zephyr, a generation ship voyaging towards a distant star. This unique vessel serves as both home and microcosm for its inhabitants, presenting a complex web of societal dynamics and interpersonal relationships. However, a sudden incident threatens to disrupt Zephyr’s fragile peace, plunging Stella into a thrilling investigation filled with intrigue and moral quandaries.


The game’s core strength lies in its expertly woven narrative, which branches and evolves based on the player’s choices. Each decision, big or small, carries significant weight, shaping the course of the story and ultimately leading to one of multiple potential endings. This intricate system of branching narratives ensures that no two playthroughs are identical, offering players immense replay value and the opportunity to experience the story from different perspectives.

Beyond the captivating narrative, “Between Horizons” boasts an engaging gameplay experience that seamlessly blends investigation, exploration, and character interaction. Players will utilize their detective skills to meticulously gather clues, piece together evidence, and confront the ship’s diverse inhabitants. The game’s innovative evidence system allows for flexible exploration of various leads, encouraging players to think critically and approach each case with a keen eye for detail.

Furthermore, “Between Horizons” distinguishes itself with its stunning visual aesthetic. The game masterfully combines the timeless charm of 2.5D pixel art with the depth and immersion of 3D environments. This unique visual style creates a captivating atmosphere that perfectly complements the game’s spacefaring setting and intricate narrative.

“Between Horizons” is poised to become a captivating addition to the sci-fi adventure genre, offering a compelling narrative filled with player-driven choices, engaging investigative gameplay, and a captivating visual style. With its release on PC and the upcoming console launch, DigiTales Interactive’s creation promises to enthrall players seeking a unique and thought-provoking adventure amongst the stars.