This new smart ring will give you your own AI health coach inside

The ExerRing is a new smart ring currently on Kickstarter that aims to stand out with its advanced AI and deep learning capabilities. Here’s a breakdown of its features and what sets it apart from other smart rings on the market:


Key Features of ExerRing

  1. AI Integration: The ExerRing leverages AI and deep learning to provide personalized insights and recommendations on various aspects of health and fitness. This includes an AI coach within the Exerchain app that offers tailored exercise suggestions, stress management tips, and sleep improvement advice based on your preferences and goals.
  2. Health Tracking: The ring monitors a comprehensive range of health metrics:
    • Heart rate
    • Stress levels
    • Body temperature
    • Sleep quality
    • Blood oxygen levels
    • Heart rate variability
    • Resting heart rate
  3. Unique Controls and Features:
    • Touch Controls: Unlike many smart rings, the ExerRing includes touch controls on its surface, allowing users to manage music playback and activate the camera shutter on their phone.
    • Notification System: Although limited to alerts from the Exerchain app, this feature helps keep you informed about your health data and AI recommendations.
  4. Material and Design:
    • Made from stainless steel rather than the more common titanium, giving it durability and a premium look.
    • It boasts an IP68 rating, making it water and dust-resistant.
    • Lightweight at 4.5 grams and slim at 2.3mm, making it comfortable to wear.
  5. Battery Life: The ring is expected to last between four to six days on a single charge, which is comparable to other smart rings like the Circular Ring Slim.
  6. Finish Options: Available in black, silver, or gold finishes to match different styles.
  7. Crowdfunding Details:
    • Pricing varies, with super early bird offers starting at $119, increasing to $139 and $159 as early bird slots fill up.
    • One of the stretch goals includes a lifetime subscription to AI features, suggesting a subscription model might be in place for future buyers outside the Kickstarter campaign.

Shipping and Risks

If the Kickstarter campaign is successful, the ExerRing is slated to ship in September 2024. However, as with any crowdfunding project, there is a risk of delays or potential changes in the product’s design and features as development progresses. Backers should be aware of these possibilities and manage their expectations accordingly.

The ExerRing aims to bring a robust set of health tracking features combined with AI-driven insights, all housed in a sleek and stylish design. Its innovative touch controls and comprehensive health monitoring capabilities make it a compelling option for those looking to enhance their health and fitness tracking with the convenience of a smart ring.