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Samsung Galaxy Fit 3: Colors, dimensions, features and more about the fitness wearable

Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 has made headlines in recent times for its look and features. As reported by 91mobiles, exclusive photographs of the Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 have surfaced online, complementing the recent disclosure of fitness tracker graphics. The new Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 photos showcase the device’s design and color variants. According to the images, the device is positioned as a successor to the Fit 2, featuring a larger display.

Before delving into the rumoured specifications of the Galaxy Fit 3, let’s review the features of the Fit 2.


The Galaxy Fit 2 boasts a 1.1-inch 3D AMOLED display with a peak brightness of 450 nits. It has 2MB each of RAM and storage, with 32MB of onboard storage. The fitness tracker is equipped with a 159mAh battery that offers up to 21 days of battery life on a single charge. Additional features include an IP68 water resistance rating, over 70 watch faces, and support for various sports and fitness modes. It is also compatible with Bluetooth and supports Android 5.0 or above phones with over 1.5GB RAM and iPhone 7 and above running iOS 10.0 or higher.

Now, let’s explore the expected features of the Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 :

  • Color Variations: According to 91mobiles, the Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 is available in Grey, Gold, and Black colors.
  • Design and Display: The Galaxy Fit 3 maintains Samsung’s tradition of blending elegance and functionality. The slim and lightweight design aims to enhance comfort during workouts, and the AMOLED display offers clear visuals for tracking fitness parameters.
  • Health and Fitness Tracking: The Galaxy Fit 3 goes beyond basics, offering comprehensive health and fitness tracking features. It includes heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, and stress management, providing users with a holistic view of their health.
  • Automatic Workout Identification: A notable feature of the Galaxy Fit 3 is its automatic workout identification capabilities. The device can recognize various exercises such as jogging, cycling, and swimming without manual input, ensuring accurate data without constant user interaction.
  • Battery Life: The Galaxy Fit 3 boasts an enhanced battery life, allowing users to go longer between charges. This is particularly beneficial for individuals with busy lifestyles who seek uninterrupted use during their workouts.
  • User Interface and App Integration: The Galaxy Fit 3 seamlessly integrates with the Samsung Health app, offering a simple interface for evaluating and analyzing fitness statistics. Notifications are also supported, enabling users to stay connected without reaching for their smartphones during exercises.

The Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 aims to redefine fitness wearables by combining style, functionality, and innovative technologies to enhance the overall user experience. Samsung’s dedication to innovation is evident in this addition to its wearable lineup, recognizing technology’s pivotal role in health and well-being. Whether you’re an experienced athlete or just starting your fitness journey, the Galaxy Fit 3 presents itself as a practical option for all fitness enthusiasts.