OnePlus to launch its smart TV

OnePlus TV is all set to launch its first smart TV in India later this month. It aims to deliver an expensive and smart experience at a minimal price in the market.

But, while announcing the launch, OnePlus revealed some important its TV. And, one of the biggest features will be the audio.


OnePlus TV will come with as many as eight speakers with 50Watts output.

OnePlus TV’s 50W output is significantly higher than what the competition offers. As with overall sets becoming compact, smart TV companies tend to compromise on the audio front.

Apart from powerful audio, OnePlus has also confirmed that smart TV will run on a customised version of Android TV. The smart TV will also offer full access to Google’s key apps and has built-in Chromecast. Apart from that, it will have a 55-inch QLED screen and Dolby Vision support. The smart TV will also offer access to key OTT apps.