iOS 16.5 Update: users report iPhone & iPad compatibility with Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter no longer functional

Users say that the iOS 16.5 update caused the Lightning to USB 3 adaptor on iPhone devices to cease functioning; prior iOS versions are unaffected by this problem.

Weeks prior to Apple’s anticipated announcement of iOS 17, the upcoming version of its smartphone operating system, iOS 16.5 was made available to consumers. A new Pride celebration wallpaper and a few small modifications to the Apple News app were included in the most recent update, which also included various bug fixes for Apple’s services. Users started to report that after installing the iPhone iOS 16.5 update, the company’s Lightning to USB 3 camera adapter was no longer functional shortly after the update was made available.

Recent complaints about the company’s Lightning to USB 3 camera adapter not working after installing the iOS 16.5 update on their iPhones have been made on Reddit, the MacRumors forums, and the Apple Community forum. Using an iPhone or iPad’s Lightning charging connection and a USB Type-A connector on a camera to transmit photos is possible with Apple’s Lightning to USB 3 converter (or dongle).


In the meanwhile, user u/Fifanatic commented that following the upgrade, the Lightning to USB 3 adapter that they used to charge their iPhone 13 Pro Max while listening to lossless audio on Apple Music via a digital-to-analogue converter (DAC) no longer functioned. According to one user, the iPhone displays an error message that reads “draws too much power” and that both data transfer and the fundamental charging feature have been lost.

The Lightning to USB 3 converter functions as anticipated on an iPad running an earlier version of Apple’s operating system, according to a post that appears to have been made by the same user to the community forum on Apple’s website. The individual claims to have gotten in touch with Apple Support and given the business feedback. The Me too button at the conclusion of the post has been clicked by 41 individuals, and two users have responded confirming these accusations thus far.

A user named “devel0per” on the MacRumors forums alleges that after updating their iPhone XS to iOS 16.5 they are presented with a “cannot use accessory” message because the device is using too much power. The customer reports that trying various accessories, adapters, and power bricks as well as restarting the phone do not fix the problem and that the adapter functions as anticipated on two additional iPhone models that are running iOS 16.4.1 (a).

Apple hasn’t responded to the user’s Community post clarifying why the update renders the Lightning to USB 3 converter incompatible; but, the firm may offer a software update to fix the problem, maybe iOS 16.5.1. This issue may be caused by a software error. Last week, the firm released iOS 16.5 with a few minor updates, including a Pride celebration wallpaper and a new tab for sports in Apple TV+. Currently in test by the firm, iOS 16.6, iOS 17 is anticipated to be unveiled on June 5 at WWDC 2023.