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Here’s all you need to know about the new features of Apple iOS 17

Apple announces iOS 17 with improved FaceTime, contact sharing, new journal app, and enhanced autocorrect. Compatible with iPhone XS and newer models.

iOS 17 will be a free upgrade starting on September 18, according to information provided by Apple during its Wonderlust event on Tuesday. According to numerous media reports, the technology giant with headquarters in California is getting ready to release intriguing improvements including improved FaceTime, contact sharing with NameDrop, a new journal app, and improved autocorrect. The widely awaited complete version of iOS 17 is soon to be made available to the general public after first being made available to beta testers. Users have expressed delight over a number of notable features.

Mashable India has reported that iOS 17 has a number of intriguing features. One addition to FaceTime is the ability for users to leave video voicemails. With the advent of NameDrop, contact sharing is made easier by merely bringing phones close together.

The study also notes that Apple’s autocorrect has been enhanced to recognise your intents more accurately, protecting you from inadvertently entering “ducking” in place of another word.

Another media rumour from USA Today claims that iOS 17 will benefit from the upcoming StandBy mode update. Your iPhone will reportedly transform into an Amazon or Google smart home display with the upgrade. Users will require an iPhone that is compatible with iOS 17 in order to activate this function. According to the story, they may just lay it on its side while it charges, either with a wire or on a charging station.