From Best to Worst: Apple’s iPhone ordeal coming true!

If iPhone fails to entice the customers this time, it will badly effect the Apple organization as a whole.

In early September, Apple is expected to launch three new variants of iPhone handsets which are being referred to as iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11R. However, the tech insiders around the globe believe that Apple will not come up with its most awaited cutting edge technology for which the consumers are eagerly waiting for. And with unavailability of these features, iPhone sales will continue to decline at a faster rate affecting the organization as a whole.


But it doesn’t mean that iPhone will be out of market. As per the reports in Forbes, “Apple’s promotion of high-end premium handsets sits in start contrast to the drive to be a software and services company that requires a huge install base that is willing to hand over for years and years of ongoing revenue.”

Earlier, Forbes had reported that Apple fans in China have lost confidence in the iPhone, the latest data suggests to the European market and researchers from Canalys claims that there is a 17% drop in the iPhone market share.

As per Ben Lovejoy’s report in 9to5Mac, “The market intelligence company says that iPhone European shipments fell from 7.7M in Q2 2018 to 6.4M in the same quarter this year. That 17% drop in sales saw Apple’s share of the European smartphone market fall from 17% to 14.1% during the 12-month period.”

As per this research, Tim Cook’s response to this was undertaken a long time ago with it being two-fold. Earlier, they stopped releasing unit sales of iPhone to cover up this major flaw. And as per the plan, the focus would hopefully move away from the company’s hardware to software and services that could replace hardware sales.

The factors which might have raised the iPhone sales included new and upgraded technology, the most awaited feature which no other platform yet offers. However, 2019’s premium smartphones are full-screen displays, multiple camera lenses, 5G connectivity, long lasting battery, quick charging, and security focused features.

The iPhone 11 family retains the huge and ugly notch; 5G is delayed until 2020’s iPhone at the earliest; the battery capacity while increased is still lacks durability compared to Android smartphones. This week’s DefCon conferences has grabbed everyone’s attention as Apple claimed that iPhone is totally secure and is able to protect your data.

If Apple is unable to attract its customers this time, they will continue to have a problem with the iPhones as customers will lose interest and start switching over to other big giants.