Check out Garmin’s Epix 2 and Fenix 7 lineups that are going “Pro”

Garmin’s is now working on introducing Pro feature. On Wednesday, it’s launching the Epix 2 Pro and Fenix 7 Pro, which both come with a boatload of new mapping and training features, hands-free flashlights, and sensors. The Fenix 7 Pro series starts at $799.99, while the Epix 2 Pro will start at $899.99.

There’s good news if you wanted an Epix 2 last year but were disappointed that it only came in one size. Garmin doesn’t believe that less is more, so you can also now pick between three sizes of Epix 2 models: 42mm, 47mm, and 51mm. Both Pro lineups also offer a more durable Sapphire Edition.The vast majority of what’s new will be shared across both the Epix 2 Pro and Fenix 7 Pro lineups. For example, all models will now feature a built-in hands-free LED flashlight. The flashlight was introduced last year but was limited to the 51mm Fenix 7X. The flashlight has numerous intensities, a red safety light, and a strobe mode for night time training. Regarding training features, all the Epix 2 Pro and Fenix 7 Pro models will get a new Endurance Score and Hill Score. The former tells you how easily you can maintain sustained efforts using Vo2 Max and your long / short-term training loads across multiple training activities. The latter also uses your training history and Vo2 Max to gauge your running strength on steep climbs and long ascents.


The Epix 2 Pro is rated up to 31 days, while the Fenix 7 Pro might get up to 38 days. However, battery life is heavily dependent on the size of the watch, your GPS settings, whether you use the always-on display for the Epix 2 Pro, and what mode you’re in.