Apple has finally found a solution for unlocking iPhones while wearing face masks!

Apple has finally started rolling out the new iOS 13.5 update for users. The new update includes two additional features that would make the task easier for users to unlock their phones while wearing face masks.

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, wearing masks has become mandatory for everyone while venturing out. Because of this, Apple iPhone users were finding it difficult to unlock their phones using FaceID. They would have to wait for the phone to first try to ID the face, and then only provide the option to enter the passcode.

With the new update comes a shortcut that allows users to enter the passcode immediately, without having to wait for the phone to ID the face first. This shortcut will appear on the screen as soon as a user unlocks the device.

Another feature in the new iOS update is the inclusion of Google and Apple’s new API for exposure notification. This new feature will use the agency apps to help verify if a user has been in close contact with a Covid-19 patient. This feature will be activated only if a user installs one of the agency applications.

Apart from these two major features, Apple has also introduced a slight change in Group FaceTime. This update will give the users an option to turn off the feature that was arranging the participants by detecting speech and altering the size of their chat window.

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