FAA implements cutting-edge runway safety technology at Austin’s Airport

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is implementing new Approach Runway Verification (ARV) technology at Austin’s airport to enhance safety by alerting air traffic controllers to potential runway alignment errors.

In a proactive move to bolster air travel safety, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is implementing cutting-edge technology at the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (AUS). The Approach Runway Verification (ARV) system is designed to alert air traffic controllers with visual and audible cues if an aircraft is misaligned with the runway or, in extreme cases, heading towards the wrong airport.

The decision to introduce ARV at AUS follows several near-miss incidents, highlighting the critical need to ensure the safety of the National Airspace System. FAA Administrator Mike Whitaker emphasized the importance of enhancing controllers’ awareness of ground activities at airports as a key factor in improving overall safety.


ARV is a pioneering initiative in Texas, making AUS the first airport in the state to receive this advanced technology. The FAA plans to expand the deployment of ARV to other airports nationwide in the coming years, as part of its broader strategy to enhance surface safety.

In addition to ARV, the FAA is implementing other safety measures such as the Runway Incursion Device (RID) and the Surface Awareness Initiative (SAI), all aimed at ensuring the safety of AUS and other airports.

The decision to introduce ARV at AUS follows an incident in December 2023, where a Southwest flight had to abort landing due to another aircraft on the runway. This incident underscored the importance of addressing safety concerns at AUS, prompting calls from local and federal leaders for increased staffing and new technology.

In January, AUS took steps towards modernization with the introduction of an advanced tower simulator. This simulator is designed to expedite training for air traffic controllers, demonstrating AUS’s commitment to staying at the forefront of aviation safety innovation.