Data Centres in Bengaluru: How India’s IT Hub is Getting Ready for the Next Technological Boom

Bengaluru, and its parent state Karnataka, are famous the world over for their IT/ITES industries. Sir M Visvesvaraya, a noted engineer, laid the base for technological development in the state. Today, Bengaluru is a world renowned hub for software and IT companies. Many global IT and software giants have set up shop here and are taking advantage of the relatively cheap skilled manpower in the city.

The ITES industry is also flourishing and call centres in Bengaluru are serving the customers of multinational corporations who live on the other side of the world. Today, Karnataka contributes 25% to India’s total annual IT revenues.

Strengths of Bengaluru’s Tech Industry

  • Bengaluru is home to the most number of R&D centres in India
  • 80% of global information technology companies have set up their R&D facilities here
  • Bengaluru is the fourth largest technology hub in the world
  • The city hosts 47 IT/ITES SEZs, including three software and technology parks, with more 2,000 companies
  • Karnataka tops all states in software exports and the state hosts over 20% of the IT companies in India

What Does the Future Hold for Bengaluru?

A lot of IT enterprises in the city are experiencing major disruption. Established organizations are facing the onslaught of digital startups that are leveraging advanced technologies and innovative business models to deliver excellent user experiences. As a result, companies are tweaking their business models, and technology and IT capabilities, to provide new and exciting services and features to their customers.

In the wake of the pandemic, IT companies in Bengaluru are reassessing their existing business models and services to reduce margin stress. Many companies have understood the need for digital transformation. A retailing enterprise recently refurbished its digital infrastructure by renovating its group stores. The project was executed by a team of 15 employees and the retail giant did not hesitate to spend a considerable amount to implement digital initiatives.

Sophisticated Technologies

The world’s biggest corporations depend on Bengaluru IT companies for their smooth and seamless operations. In the city, startups are flourishing by specializing in advanced technologies like drones, blockchain, 3D printing, augmented reality (AR)/virtual reality (VR), IoT (Internet of Things), AI (Artificial Intelligence), and robotic automation.

Client Expectations

Organizations invest in digital transformation because they want outcomes such as reduced business risk, enhanced operational efficiencies, empowered workforce, improved customer experience, and access to new revenue streams. Client companies want IT service providers to guide them on their digital transformation journey, facilitate change, and assure excellent results.

Thus, clients seek digital journey partners in hiring IT services firms. These demands and expectations are changing the outlook of IT and technology services providers in Bengaluru.

The Karnataka government has responded to IT industry needs by setting up centres of excellence for AI, big data, and cybersecurity, in leading IT hubs in the state including Bengaluru. These measures are sure to help Bengaluru and Karnataka retain their pre-eminence in the IT sector in the years to come.

Data Centre in Bengaluru

The city’s companies are generating consumer data at a rapid rate and they are dependent on data centres to store and process this valuable information. It is difficult for an organization to build and maintain its own in-house data facility. Therefore, companies are outsourcing their data requirements to third-party colocation service providers like STT GDC India.

STT GDC India commands over 33% market share in the Indian data centre industry and operates 18 advanced data hubs in nine cities. The company hosts three state-of-the-art data centres in Bengaluru that provide scalable and reliable IT infrastructure to their client companies.

STT GDC’s data centres in Bengaluru are located at Whitefield, KIADB, and Sanjay Nagar. These hubs deliver an amazing 99.999% uptime and are compliant with industry best practices and regulations.

The data facilities are highly resilient and secure, and have been constructed with the highest structural and technical design specifications and standards for data centres. These advanced data hubs provide the internet service and infrastructure backbone for the global operations of IT giants that have set up their base in Bengaluru.


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