US and India collaborate on first-ever cyber security initiative

The US and India launch a joint cyber security initiative to strengthen IT connections, create jobs, and foster collaboration in the face of rapid digital advancements.

In a significant development for the global digital landscape, the United States and India have launched the first-ever US-India Cyber Security Initiative. This collaboration promises to strengthen the technological ties between the two nations by fostering collaboration among leading cybersecurity experts from both countries. The initiative, unveiled at the Pune Business International Business Summit by US Consul General Mike Hankey, underscores the growing importance of cybersecurity in an era of rapid technological advancements.

Consul General Hankey emphasized the initiative’s multi-faceted goals, highlighting its intention to create jobs, develop cutting-edge solutions, and establish a mentorship model within cyberspace. He further underscored the timeliness of this initiative, acknowledging the unprecedented pace of digital advancements and the crucial role of a secure and stable cyberspace in fostering economic and social development across the globe.


The initiative emphasizes the shared vision of the United States and India for a secure and prosperous digital future. Recognizing the inherent risks associated with the rapid proliferation of digital technologies, both nations acknowledge the need for robust cyber defenses to protect sensitive information and critical infrastructure. The initiative seeks to address these concerns by fostering collaboration between research institutions, industry leaders, and civil society organizations within both countries.

Speaking at the launch, Consul General Hankey emphasized the crucial role of secure and open IT connections in facilitating global prosperity and stability. He further highlighted the initiative’s potential to contribute to the ongoing global transformations witnessed in fields like artificial intelligence, telecommunications, and bioengineering.