U.S. firm CEO says up to 1,500 businesses affected by ransomware attack

Around 1,500 businesses’ data were breached by a ransomware attack on Friday and the hackers have demanded $70 million to restore the data.

According to a report released by Reuters, due to a ransomware attack centered on the United States information technology firm Kaseya, around 800 to 1500 businesses across the world have been affected, as mentioned by its Chief Executive Officer on Monday.

It was difficult to estimate the precise impact of Friday’s attack because those who were hit were major customers of Kaseya’s customers, As mentioned by the Florida-based company’s CEO Fred Voccola in an interview.


The company typically handles the back-office work for those companies which are too small or modestly resourced for having their Tech departments are provided software tools by Kaseya.

Allowing the hackers to paralyze hundreds of businesses situated on all five continents, on Friday one of those tools was subverted. Small concerns like dentists’ offices or accountants were among the most of those who affected, while the disruption has been felt more keenly in Sweden where due to cash registers going inoperative, hundreds of supermarkets had to close along with New Zealand, where schools and kindergartens were knocked offline.

Although a willingness to temper the demands made by the hackers in private conversations with the cybersecurity expert and with Reuters has been indicated by the hackers who, to restore all the affected businesses data have demanded $70 million and claim the responsibility for the breach.

On Monday Reuters was told by a representative of the hackers that they are always ready to negotiate. Although the representative didn’t provide their name but spoke through a chat interface on the hacker’s website.