Iranian hackers target 2024 US Elections

The 2024 US elections face a significant potential threat from Iranian state-sponsored hackers with a history of using disinformation, voter intimidation, and cyberattacks, posing a real danger to the integrity and security of the electoral process.

The 2024 US elections, already brimming with political tension, face a potential cyber threat from Iran, according to a recent report by cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike. With a history of interference in US political events, Iran’s state-sponsored hackers are suspected to be planning similar disruptive tactics in the upcoming elections.

CrowdStrike, renowned for its expertise in combating cyber threats, specifically points towards the Islamic Republic’s history of meddling in US political affairs. The report meticulously details past instances, including the late 2020 Information Operations campaign, where Iranian actors unleashed a multifaceted attack. This involved sending intimidating emails to voters, impersonating a far-right US group and swaying their votes. Additionally, they disseminated fabricated videos alleging ballot tampering, aiming to sow distrust in the electoral system.


The report further predicts that these tactics, along with Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks and website defacements, are likely to resurface in 2024. These malicious activities have historically targeted state and local government entities, aiming to disrupt election infrastructure and sow chaos.

Furthermore, the report highlights a concerning trend observed in the latter half of 2023. “Iran-nexus adversaries” and Middle Eastern hacktivists were observed aligning their cyber operations with the kinetic operations stemming from the Israel-Hamas conflict. This suggests a potential escalation of cyber activities in the wake of geopolitical tensions, raising concerns about the 2024 US elections being collateral damage.

CrowdStrike’s warning echoes similar concerns voiced by Microsoft earlier this month. The tech giant identified Russia, Iran, and China as potential actors aiming to influence the upcoming elections in the United States and other countries.