International law enforcement dismantles LockBit ransomware gang

International law enforcement disrupts the LockBit ransomware gang, seizing domains and crippling their infrastructure.

In a significant blow to the global cybercrime landscape, a coalition of international law enforcement agencies, led by the FBI and the UK National Crime Agency, has successfully disrupted the operations of the notorious LockBit ransomware gang. This coordinated effort, involving authorities from 11 countries, dealt a crippling strike to LockBit’s infrastructure, seizing control of its website and shutting down 11,000 domains used by the group and its affiliates to facilitate their ransomware attacks.

LockBit, notorious for its brutal tactics and high-profile targets, has plagued the digital landscape for several years. Their modus operandi involves deploying ransomware, a type of malicious software that encrypts victims’ data, rendering it inaccessible. They then demand exorbitant sums of money in exchange for decryption keys, inflicting significant financial losses and operational disruptions on businesses and organizations.


The operation targeted the core infrastructure of LockBit, seizing control of over 11,000 domains used by the group and its affiliates for facilitating ransomware activities. This included taking down the LockBit website, and effectively severing their primary communication channel with potential victims and collaborators. Additionally, law enforcement officials disrupted LockBit’s malware deployment system, further hindering their capacity to launch new attacks.

Notably, LockBit was behind the 2023 attack on the U.S. arm of the Industrial & Commercial Bank of China, causing significant disruption to the U.S. Treasury market, and also compromised a website used by Boeing to sell spare parts and services.

The group’s operations are estimated to have netted millions in ransom payments, with the FBI reporting over 144 million dollars extorted from victims in the United States alone. LockBit’s reach extended beyond national borders, claiming over 3,600 victims globally, primarily from the private sector.

The successful disruption of LockBit marks a significant victory in the ongoing fight against cybercrime. It demonstrates the power of international cooperation and coordinated action in tackling sophisticated cyber threats. Furthermore, the action encourages victims of cyberattacks to come forward and report them to law enforcement authorities.