BIS certificates issued to Nokia Laptops amidst launch speculations

Nokia, may tentatively launch its laptop in India. According to reports, some of Nokia’s laptops have received Bureau of India Standard certifications.

On November 27, Nokia laptops were certified by the BIS, and it indicates the laptops are coming to India. According to the BIS listing, Nokia laptops will be manufactured by Tongfang Limited in China.


In a series of tweets by Mukul Sharma (@stufflistings), he started speculating that Nokia may launch nine models as per the BIS listing. The BIS listing shows nine laptops with codename NKi510UL825, NKi510UL855, NKi510UL1655, NKi510UL810S, NKi510UL825, NKi510UL161OS.

It is being said that the first two letters in the codename represent Nokia, while the next two indicate the processor, and the number 10 in the codename may mean Windows 10.

The launch date of the Nokia laptop remains unknown. However, Nokia products are being reported to have received their BIS certification recently.

Reportedly, last week, Nokia 9.3 PureView was spotted in a BIS certification listing. The Nokia 9.3 PureView was reported to list on BIS with model number TA-1288. This model powers 120Hz displays and a 108 – megapixel primary camera with 8K video recording capabilities.