WhatsApp tested new beta version; 8 people calls to be rolled out soon

WhatsApp is working on extending the group call participants limit to over four people. It has already launched this feature on its Android and iOS beta apps. WhatsApp has expanded the group call limit to eight users.

With video and voice calling on various platforms seeing a big surge, WhatsApp is expected to come out with this update super soon. Currently, large group calls are possible on apps like Houseparty, Google Duo, Hangouts or Meet, and Zoom. WhatsApp presently supports only four people including the person who calls.


WhatsApp’s latest beta update for Android and iOS comes with this feature. For those interested in using it can do so by using WhatsApp’s beta programme via this link for Android. iPhone users need to download the TestFlight app and join the WhatsApp beta programme.

WhatsApp users who are on the latest beta update can test this feature. It works the same way as group video and voice calls. If you’re in a WhatsApp group with more than four users you can make a voice or video call by adding up to eight people including yourself. Tap on the call icon on top of the group chat to make a group call. If the group has more than eight members, you’ll have to select the participants.

This will however work only with people who also have the latest WhatsApp beta update. This version was open for some time to download with the link.

WhatsApp rolled out this feature for testing and now with people who could download it, the messenger will come out with the new feature.