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Tiktok rating dropped to 1.3 from 4.6 in 3 days

This happened because a video of a Youtuber was taken down, in which he roasted a TikToker.

TikTok has seen its rating drop to 1.3 stars from 4.6 stars over last few days on Google application store. This was caused due to an Internet war between a YouTube influencer and TikTok maker in India.Everything began when TikTok maker Amir Siddiqui posted a video, taking instagram as platform Amir tried roasting YouTube community of India, he tagged number of Youtubers in this video. In his video, Siddiqui blamed YouTubers for counterfeiting TikTok content, talked about copyright and missing out on brand supports. Famous roaster Ajey Nagar, known as CarryMinati, lashed out against Siddiqui’s video on YouTube, which was later brought down for abusing the stage’s terms of administration. The video broke the internet and created record by becoming the most liked and watched video of YouTube.In protest against the take down of video, #BanTiktok, #RoastNahiFryKarunga #BanTikTokInIndia, #TikTokdown, #TikTokexposed trends were started on Twitter and other social media platforms.

There was an explosion of memes on Instagram and Twitter asking others to downgrade the application, some Youtubers made videos of deleting the application from their mobile phones before the trend started. Many anti-china memes and messages were spread comparing tiktok and covid-19 telling everyone how tiktok is ruining internet platform.TikTok has in around 200 million users in India and stays one of the most famous internet based applications in the nation. It has been downloaded in excess of 2 billion times globally on the App Store and Google Play, as indicated by Sensor Tower Store Intelligence’s most recent evaluations.