Sparked: Facebook’s all new speed dating app lets you date without meeting

Facebook’s new speed dating app carries an entirely different concept.

One of the very popular messaging apps, Facebook is currently testing a new dating app named ‘Sparked’ totally designed on the basis of a fresh concept. Facebook’s in-house team, known as NPE, has brought the app into existence.

Although, ‘Sparked’ requires a Facebook profile to be registered with it or to create an account. According to the reports of The Verge, the first to report about the very new app by Facebook, the webpage of the ‘Sparked’ app shows a description of the app which reads ‘Video dating with kind people’. The report also says that it is absolutely different from other dating apps like Bumble, Tinder, Hinge, or any other platform. The app doesn’t consist of the swipe left or right feature. There’s even no DM section plus it’s not chargeable by Facebook. The social media bellwether Facebook has also assured that the app would not have any public profiles.

Furthermore, ‘Sparked’ is not going to let you chat once you have found the match. In spite of this, the app will provide you with the facility of speed video dated that will last four minutes only. However, the app mentions ‘If you both have a great time’, you could switch to another video date that will last for 10 minutes. You would be able to share your contact details with the date via iMessage, Email, or Instagram.

In addition to this, the fact that would keep you engrossed with the app is that while you create an account on ‘Sparked’, you will have to answer what makes you a kind date. Your answer will be reviewed by a human and after that, permission will be granted to use the speed dating app.

Also, as per the reports of The Verge, this feature has been developed by Facebook with a view to keep people with awful intentions away.


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