Reliance JioMeet: The personal data which Reliance will store for “free” video calling

Reliance Jio’s JioMeet, which is being cited at the made in India app for the replacement of Zoom, is now out now. JioMeet also has the feature where you can call with up to 100 people without any time limit! Yes, the key feature of the JioMeet is the same which lacked in Zoom app. The all-new video conferencing service of JioMeet is now available at the playstore. 

The homemade version of Zoom has everything which we need in it and in coming weeks we can see a major user-base shift from Zoom to JioMeet. But now when the app is available and have almost every feature of its own, there is a question which everyone wants to ask, is it safe? Zoom wasn’t very good at handling the privacy and user safety and it will be going to be interesting to see if JioMeet succeed in which Zoom failed.

While there has not been any official statement on the topic from Jio and nobody nows how private and secure would be JioMeet calls but what we can know till now by going through there privacy policy (the one which you can find in the app’s “about” section), JioMeet have let users know what kind of data they’ll need to be sharing.

Information which you’ll be sharing with JioMeet:

  • Personal Information: Name, age, gender, contact information, products and services you are interested in or require more information about.
  • Non-Personal Information: Unique system or hardware identifiers, system or application software, and peripherals.